3rd Trimester

Oh goodness.. it happened! (Possibly TMI)

Well ladies.. it finally happened. I thought it may have been possible to go at least a few more weeks without this occurring.. but alas.. my body gave in. I was sitting on my couch watching a food show (and craving the food of course LOL) It started like any other sensation.. the tickle in your nose before you're about to sneeze. I looked towards the light so the sneeze could come out.. and boy did I sneeze! So hard in fact... that... I peed my pants!!   :-O

This was the first time.. in all of 29 plus weeks .. that this happened.. and honestly.. it was actually quite comical. I started laughing (which didn't exactly help stop the flow haha) at how ridiculous the situation was.. I guess I was lucky that it happened at my own house instead of out in public!!

Have any of you ladies out there had any funny stories similar to mine? I feel that it's good to laugh about this instead of getting upset because really.. what's the point?? :-p

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Re: Oh goodness.. it happened! (Possibly TMI)

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