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Foot and mouth disease?

My 1 year old niece has foot and mouth disease, which is apparently pretty common.  I was supposed to see her tomorrow and am wondering if I should avoid the visit--I'm going to call my doctor in the AM but wondered if anyone had any experience with this while pregnant.

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Re: Foot and mouth disease?

  • I would stay away!  I was possibly exposed to it my first pregnancy and i had to have test done to make sure me and baby were ok.  I was told to stay away from that child for almost 2 weeks because just because you can't see it doesn't mean they still don't have it is what i was told by my ob the first time. 
  • Thanks!  I read on the CDC website that it poses the most risk for the baby so that was enough for me to not want to chance it at all.
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  • My son had foot and mouth a few months ago and my doctor said that it poses no risk to my pregnancy or the baby inside. Most adults have already had it or if they do get it show very few symptoms. However, seeing as we are all getting closer to our due dates, it is probably best to avoid it.  If you were to contract the illness and then deliver your baby you could pass it on to your newborn, which could be serious.

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  • Yes, stay away for sure.  With all these early mamas you can never know for sure that you won't go into early labor.  And it's very dangerous to the baby. 

    It's actually Hand, Foot and Mouth disease or Coxsackie, not to be confused with Hoof and Mouth disease which is something entirely different.  It's really common in the summer.  It went around DS's daycare last year.  He got it and was feeling the effects for 2 weeks.  Not sure how long he was contagious for though.  He didn't give it to anyone else.

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