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Appointment yesterday - now I'm all worried!

I had a regular prenatal checkup yesterday. My OB couldn't find a heartbeat and sent me in for an ultrasound. Baby was fine, moving around a lot, perfect heartbeat, etc. Met with my OB after the ultrasound and she told me that my placenta is low right now but could move out of the way by my next ultrasound (told me no sex until then) and also that there is a small amniotic band. She didn't seem concerned about the band and I didn't think to ask much about it because that was all she said and it was sort of a hectic appointment for me anyway. But then of course, I googled it and read that baby's limbs, fingers, etc can get caught up in the band and baby can be born with abnormalities or need limbs amputated. I know there isn't anything that I can do, I'm just super emotional this pregnancy and I want everything to be OK. This will be baby #3 (all back to back and c-sections) and I'm feeling guilty that it's my fault for not giving my body time to recover,etc.

Vent over. Thanks for listening!

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Re: Appointment yesterday - now I'm all worried!

  • Aw, hang in there. Remember you're always going to hear about the worst case scenario when you ask Dr. Google. If the doctor's not concerned, I wouldn't be ! And I've heard of that issue with the placenta, it seems to be a pretty common one.


    Good luck, and keep us posted. Just concentrate on resting right now! Sounds like you're in good hands with your doctor, so I'd just follow his/her orders. 

  • Try not to dwell on it to much. I know that it easier said than done, but if there was a real concern for your doc she would have said something more.

    And do not beat yourself up over anything! My sister and my aunt had children back to back like you have and everything was alright for them. Just keep in mind every pregnancy is different.

    Best of luck. 


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  • I agree with the other posters not to blame yourself!! If your OB isn't concerned, I would use that as a gauge and not be too concerned either. Google is pretty evil for pregnant ladies most of the time...
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  • I have an "anterior placenta" which means that the placenta sits in front of the baby instead of in the back (near the spine).  It does interfere with getting a doppler heartbeat.  Just remember that the placenta can move during pregnancy and most of the time will go to the back before delivery.  Try not to worry too much.  If the doctor is not too concerned you should rest easy.  I'm sure he will do more future ultrasounds to make sure everything is just fine.  Hang in there.
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