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Need advice - DD rolls over & stuck on tummy

So for the last few weeks DD has been rolling from her back to her tummy.  Problem is that she still mostly hates being on her tummy and hasn't figured out how to roll onto her back.  I need advice on how to help her learn that skill so I don't lose my mind flipping her back over every 5 minutes. Anything worked for you?
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Re: Need advice - DD rolls over & stuck on tummy

  • We had this problem at night. We just let C fuss on her tummy for a bit, giving her time to figure out how to roll back over. Don't know that "giving her time to figure it out" is great advice, but just a thought. Eventually she'll get the hang of it - and then she'll be obsessed with rolling over :).
  • I think it's one of those things that you just have to wait out. Try doing tummy time often and if she really hates being on her tummy she'll hopefully start rolling over onto her back. Sorry the advice isn't better. GL
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  • Time and patience.



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  • We're having the same problem!!! so frustrated.  
  • Same problem here as well. Exactly. Mine also hates being on her tummy, and yet she thinks rolling there is awesome until she realizes what she did. Even worse, when she gets tired with tummy time, she face plants instead of turning her head. Grrr! Hope she learns to roll the other way soon.
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  • Madison first rolled from Tummy to back but now refuses to do it.  She rolls or sits and then dives foward all the time on her tummy, will play for about 5 minutes then scream bloody murder.  Hopefully she learns to go the other way soon.  I so understand what you are going through. 
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  • I was chatting with my sister and she recommended a couple of different things to try: 1) watch what side the baby likes to roll over on to (our DD only rolls onto her tummy from her right side) then when you put the baby down in the crib, make sure that side is close to the crib walls to help prevent her from physically rolling over.  We have those breathable bumpers so I don't have to worry too much about her being close to the sides.  2) put her down on a blanket and then when she rolls onto her tummy, lift the blanket up slowly to roll her back onto her back so that she gets used to the motions needed to roll back the other way.  

    I'll be giving both a shot - good luck to the other frustrated moms out there! 

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  • image kdodge423:

    Time and patience.


    Yup. Flipping her back over just prolongs it; you have to let her figure it out. Same thing will happen when she learns to pull up but can't figure out how to get back down. Lots of standing and screaming in the crib at night. 

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  • We manually rolled DD around before letting her just be on her tummy.  She got used to both rolling both ways but having tummy time at the same time.  She was a tummy hater.  Now she just hates waking up that way!
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