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What do you hope LO will inherit?

In a perfect world, we would be able to pick out which traits and characteristics our babies would inherit from us and which of our flaws they could bypass. But we all know this isn't a perfect world! What trait/characteristic or even feature are you hoping that your little peanut will inherit? What are you hoping they won't inherit?

For me, it's dad's thick head of hair, confidence, and sense of humor; and my patience, happy-go-lucky attitude, and smile. I'm hoping that he doesn't inherit my allergies & asthma and dad's super sensitive skin.


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Re: What do you hope LO will inherit?

  • The only think I hope LO doesn't inherit is my and my husband's bad teeth. Not bad, like, 'ewww, brush those!', bad like it looks as if we both chewed on aluminum cans throughout the 'tooth growing in' stage. We smile and poke people's eyes out, lol. I had to have multiple surgeries and then braces for 5 years. It sucked. I don't want to put my kid through that.

    Something I hope he does inherit, though, are my mother's eyes. I hope it skips a generation or something, because they were just cool. Also, my thick hair (hubby's is a bit, er... thin, lol). I don't think personality traits are necessarily inherited, but I do hope he learns to be just as confident and stubborn as his mom and dad are :-)

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  • The two traits I'm hoping Lo inherits the most are -

    My common sense

    His Dads intelligence 

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  • Well, DD is a little mini-me.  And not just looks, she has my personality for sure.  It's wild!  So I hope this next one is a bit more like DH.

    DD has his curly hair and I LOVE it.  I hope DS gets it too. 

    I'm an awful sleeper, always have been.  Ambien is my BFf.  And I really really really hope I get a good sleeper this time!

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  • I want our child to inherit Dad's height and metabolism, and my skin!
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  • I hope LO inherits DH's looks and sense of sight and hearing.  I hope he inherits my sense of smell (DH can't smell much at all) and my patience. 
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  • I'm hoping DD inherits Daddy's curly hair, sense of humor, and calm personality. From me, I would love for her to have my nose, chin, and eye color.
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  • I hope my baby inherits what's left of my future powerball winnings. 
  • i hope she inherits her daddy's athletic ability, her daddy's eyes (they are the prettiest green), and my love of reading and learning.

    I'll love her even if she gets my clumsiness and his inability to sit still long enough to even read a magazine. :)  I just hope, for her sake, that she doesn't get our bad skin.

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  • DH and I both have curly hair, so I'm pretty sure she'll get that but his is red and I'd love to have a little redhead DD. If she could have my ability to be on time and his intelligence, it would be icing on the cake.

  • I'm early here but lurking because I'm bored at work and I have to point out that it is the neatest thing to see certain traits pop out in your child.  My daughter got her dad's hair color and  she also got my red lips and long eye lashes.  Randomly, she still at age 22 months has beautiful blue eyes, both her dad and I have hazel yet our parents have blue eyes.  I'm still waiting to see if they turn colors but there's no green or brown in site yet.

    As she's gotten older, more of my traits are starting to come out.  One moment she looks like me, the next I'm staring at her father's clone.

    As she gets older I hope she gets my laid back personality and my husband's sense of humor.  I also hope she gets his ability to do math because I suck at it and she gets my artistic ability.



  • Fun post! For me I am hoping baby gets my positive attitude and patience as well as my green eyes and blond hair. I hope from dad she gets his Greek skin (so jealous) and his brain!
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  • As long as she doesn't have his migraines and my allergies! I do hope she gets my feet rather than his though.. and his hair rather than mine :)

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  • I'm hoping she has her dad's eyes (the coolest blue/gray color ever), ambition, and thoughtfulness. I'm hoping she has my hair (DH is a pretty hairy guy and I wouldn't wish that on my daughter!), optimism, and love of reading.


  • I hope he/she gets my husbands metabolism, gorgeous red hair and his patience. I hope he/she gets my height, blue eyes, ambition and smarts. We both have great teeth but gentle skin, so he/she can skip that...

  • I hope that she gets my skin tone, metabolism, cheeks, intuition and love of learning.

    I hope that she gets her daddy's eyes, nose, thick hair, ambition, and strength.

    I hope she doesn't get my inablity to admit when I'm wrong.

    I hope she doesn't get her dad's temper.

    We're both tall and dark haired, stubborn and reasonably intelligent so some things may be a given. I certainly hope so. :)

  • I hope they inherit DH's patience and calm (its much better than mine.) I'd love for lil miss to get my red hair and for lil man to get his dad's athletic abilities.
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  • What a cute question... hmmm... I hope she will have my curly hair (that I don't like lol) I know sounds weird, definitely my patience, positive attitude, planning skills, smile and olive skin. I hope she has her daddy's confidence, ability to believe in everything he does, humor, blue eyes, and his dimples lol

     Hope she doesn't have either of allergies, his allergy to peanuts, and definitely hope she doesn't get my metabolism or lack there of lol....    

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  • I def. hope she gets his eyes. He has the most beautiful blue eyes with long dark eyelashes.  I also hope she gets his feet (I have huge feet...his are normal size for a man lol), his people pleasing skills, and his metabolism.

    It'd be great if she got my face shape, nose, and natural ability to cook....oh and my obsession with Disney (although I completly intend to brainwash her from birth on that one anyways)


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  • his eyes...they are the most beautiful deep brown and freckled to boot!!  thick sark lashes.  my hair color.  his artistic talent my singing ability. she is screwed on the temper,,,we are both irish!
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  • Dad- His big blue eyes, perfect nose and ability to deal with people without losing it.

    Me- my ukrainian  skin colour,  my mouth shape and urge to fight for what I want.

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  • This is a great question!  I hope that our DD will get her dad's THICK red hair, his artistic abilities, and his common sense.  I hope she gets my musicality, and my empathy/sympathy for others, so the common sense doesn't take over and make her "unrelatable." 
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  • I hope she/he will inherit my almost photographic memory.  But since it seems it is a fluke that I have it I don't know. 

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  • I'm hoping he takes after his dad. He has beautiful olive skin, great eyebrows, gorgeous thick curly black hair. Okay that's just looks. I hope he also get's his ability to keep at something and never give up. 

    From me I hope he gets my love of reading and inquisitiveness, and if he could get my eye colour that would be great too. 

    Hopefully he doesn't get our lack of patience - we are both awful in different ways. :)  

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  • I hope she doesn't get my chin, anxiety and depression but I do hope she gets my drive and my fondness for the arts. I pray she gets my complexion and not her dad's otherwise her teen years will be hell, poor angel. I hope she doesn't get her dad's habit of not dealing with emotional things and bottling stuff up, but I do hope she gets his eyes, hair, his optimism and understanding. From the sonogram pictures I kinda think she might have my mom's nose and that is okay with me. I hope she is tall like my brother and granddads and not short like me. I hope she doesn't inherit the health problems that run in both mine and her dad's families. Unfortunately though she gets a double whammy when it comes to teeth and eyesight so its gonna be braces and glasses all through school for her.


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  • We're hoping DS gets my teeth and pancreas.  I think all of the kids in DH's family needed braces.  Also, Type I diabetes runs in his family (FIL died from it, DH has it, but it's under control). 

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  • I hope my little girl/boy gets my green eyes and olive skin, but skips my metabolism! :)  I hope they get their father's metabolism (and his whole mother's side of the family metabolism, they are all skinny!), his intelligence, (I'm pretty smart too, but he's probably smarter even though I'd never admit it to him :) and his perfect teeth!  I hope they don't get his stubbornness and love of video games, though! LOL!!



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