3rd Trimester

Recurrence of Pre-e?

I know that the risk factor is higher because I had it with my prior pregnancy. 

I have had a few high bp readings...126/96, 124/94....but nothing that stayed consistently high.  

I've had a headache for going on 4 weeks now and have floaters, but no other symptoms of pre-e.  Doctor is concerned I might develop it again, so she is having me do weekly labs and weekly 24 hour urine collections. 

My collection numbers have been between 150-200 (so not over the magic 300)...

Are there other 2+ moms that have developed it twice?  Will I develop it around the same time if I do at all?  Is there any correlation?

With DS, I was diagnosed and induced the same day at 37w3d - thankfully not pre-term!  


Re: Recurrence of Pre-e?

  • I never developed full pre-e but my bp did spike at 36 weeks with DD1 to 140/90.  I was put on bedrest until I delivered at 41 weeks.  My OB told me that my chances of this reucurring is 10-20% andshe is not worried b/c she said it is very common in FTM's to develop it. 

    I have been increasing my exercise with this pregnancy and my bp hasn't been over 120/70 the whole time.  I am hoping it stays low for the rest of the pg and hopefully you won't develop it either!

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