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I'm back from a break + question re: mid-cycle spotting

Was on vacation then a business trip so I've been gone at least a few weeks, if not a month.  In that time I finally got my first AF at 41 days post-miscarriage.  Yay, we can start TTC again!

But of course, there's a curveball.  I started spotting heavily yesterday (at CD10) and also today. Probably heavily enough to call it a light AF, but I hesitate to put that on my chart because it'll give me a new cycle and I'm not sure that this is AF... though it certainly seems like it.  I don't usually get cramps or anything so there's nothing telling there.  And I barely got a chance to temp twice after AF was over (and it definitely came to a full stop) before this spotting started up again so no idea if I had a temp rise or not.

Planning on calling the dr tomorrow if I'm still spotting heavily but wanted to see if anyone else had experienced a very heavy mid-cycle spot or had a weird AF like that.  No idea what else it could be...would a cyst cause this? The only other thing I can think of is that DH and I had sex this weekend, but I've never bled because of sex before.

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Re: I'm back from a break + question re: mid-cycle spotting

  • I had something similar the first cycle after my D&C. AF stopped for about 2 days and thenI started spotting that turned into a light AF for a few days right around day 9 - 10.   (I also usually OV between day 12 - 14 and most often day 12 - but this last cycle I didn't until day 14).  It was all very wierd. 

    Good luck I hope this mini AF stops soon!!



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  • My first AF after my D&E was just like this (last month). I also called my doctor but was told it can be normal until your cycle figures itself back out. This month everything is back to normal. Hope AF can figure herself out soon!
  • Welcome back. I'm not sure what to make of it but hope your doc can help.
  • I don't have any advice, but I wanted to say yay for AF!! Welcome back Smile
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