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Did meds help calm/relieve your acid reflux baby?

We started xantac about a week ago and am waiting to noticed any difference.  If not her pedi said he was going to put her on previcid.  Which seems to work wonders for most babies. 

I am just wondering if your child was able to enjoy the swing, bouncy chair, walks, car rides, etc.... after finding the right medicine?

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Re: Did meds help calm/relieve your acid reflux baby?

  • My daughter diagnosed with GERD when she was 2.5 months old. She started out on liquid zantac .6 ml 2x a day and is now 4.5 months old and the dosage has changed, its now 1.4ml 3x a day and a 15mg solutab of previd once a day. She also gets rice cereal in her bottles as well.

    She has always enjoyed any activites that keep her atleast partially upright, she enjoys them even moreso now that shes on the meds. 

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  • DS has been on Zantac since about 2 months old.  It has made a world of difference. He's a different baby with the medication.

    It's worth figuring out which medication and dose works for you.  The dosing is very important with Zantac; very dependent on baby's weight.

    Good luck.

  • Zantac has helped us since about 2 months , Prevacid made things MUCH worse. But switching our formula combo'd with the Zantac has made a WORLD of difference.
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  • LO has been on zantac since 4 weeks old, now almost 5 months. You can tell when she hasnt had her meds. Never a giant fan of the swing, but enjoys everything else. Ped says that she may outgrow between 6-9 months and should be able to stop taking meds. Tried cereal last week, fine first few days- HORRIBLE  after that. So we are off the cereal. She loved eating, did great with the spoon, but 3hrs later she was screaming bloody murder for hours. Poor tummy!

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  • My friends baby is now off xantac because she takes him to the chiro twice a week.  She said she wished she had of done it sooner, that he is a totally different baby now, much happier and calmer. He is just over 5 months old and has been goin gto the chiro for 3 months
  • My son has severe reflux we tried Xantac and Prevacid but neither worked and the prevacid NEVER dissolved so it was hard to give him. We actually had to take him to a childrens hospital to get checked out when he was 9 weeks old (he was SCREAMING over 15 hours a day). But the Pediatric GI specialist put him on Nexium its a powder packet that we put in his bottle daily, and also the doctor discovered that he is allergic to all formulas you can buy in a store (don't know if you bottle or breast feed), but the allergy to the formula made the reflux worse. He is now on a special formula too. But once we got on the right medicine and formula, he was able to get in his swing, bouncer, and lay on the floor and play (which he could NOT do before). Don't worry it is becoming so common today for babies to have reflux but your doctor will find the right medicine and she will be able to do anything any other baby can do. Make sure you keep her upright for 20-30 minutes after you feed her though. My husband and I cut to the chase and just started seeing a pediatric gastroenterologist (dont know if hers is that bad but they are specialist at reflux so we felt he would do the best for our son). Good luck and it will get better I promise, and don't think that the medicine will work instantly it will take a couple weeks to fully work.
  • I know a family who's baby had acid reflux.  It cried most of the time and was miserable.  They tried different medications and nothing worked.  Finally, after some internet research, the mother read that the baby should have a chiropractic adjustment.  She had this done and the baby is fine now.
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