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Northwestern (downtown) Deliveries Anyone?

Could you please give me your experience on delivering or dealing with doctors/nurses downtown at Northwestern?

 If choosing between Evanston and Downtown, what would you choose?



Re: Northwestern (downtown) Deliveries Anyone?

  • I've never delivered at Evanston (although I was born there), but I was generally ok with Northwestern.

    We had a very unique situation in that I went in at 23 weeks for contractions and found out I was in full on labor, and delivered and lost our babies. We feel that we waited longer than we should have to finally see a doctor, and when we did it was only a resident, but there probably isn't anything they could have done to stop the labor and it probably wasn't clear what was going on at first.

    The nurses were great though - really sensitive to our situation and helped a lot, and my OB arrived for my delivery and we were really grateful for the care she provided.

    The facilities at Northwestern downtown are gorgeous, huge (private) rooms with plasma TVs, couch for DH to sleep on, et cetera. I haven't been to Evanston so I don't have too much of a basis to compare but Northwestern downtown really is a great facility. Best of luck and sorry for the novel.

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  • Obviously the downtown hospital is brand new and really nice.  But I also have heard (as I noted in the Evanston Hospital post below) that you get much more personal attention at the Evanston hospital as far as the nursing staff.  We are delivering at Evanston. 

    I am a big believer in taking the hospital closest to you though so that is another reason we're going with Evanston.

  • I'd agree with you that the people make the difference no matter how new or great the facility might be.

    We had a great experience in the Labor & Delivery room and loved our nurses. We were not as pleased with the maternity ward nurses as I think the patient to nurse ratio was at the maximum when I was there and sometimes it took a while to get someone to come to my room. We had some good ones and others left a lot to be desired. I'll still go back to Prentice for future deliveries as the facilities are great but I'll definately lower my expectations when once I'm on the materity ward.

  • I delivered at Prentice.  Overall I had a very good experience.  My l&d nurse was amazing, her replacment when she left was a little disappointing but she had huge shoes to fill after Anne left us.  Once we were on the other floor the nurses weren't as "happy" as the l&d nurses but anytime I pushed my call button they answered immediately and were in my room within a few minutes. 
  • I am in same position of trying to find where to go.  I have heard great things about both hospitals. I've heard about 2 experiences from Evanston, both moms recommended it.  As for Northwestern I heard more from several women with a couple of bad experiences, so Just go with the doctor you prefer and convenience, traffic can be horrific around Prentice

    Good luck.

  • i?delivered?in the prentice hospital which is apart of northwestern and i had a great experience. if you live in the city and go into labor wouldnt you want to be able to get to the hospital fast and not have to wait in traffic...the nurses were super nice, i had three during my time there and they were all super helpful... also said by the others the rooms are big and it feels so comfortable to have room for he people who are visiting...
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