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Traditional girl name help

I am not even pg or TTC (we are thinking of trying again at the end of this year) but H and I have the hardest time with girl names.  We still have a bunch of boy names we love from last time around, but girl names we have nothing we agree on.

Obviously in looking at my sig, we like traditional names.  If DS had been a girl, he would have been Elizabeth.  Unfortunately we can no longer use Elizabeth, which is disappointing because I love it

Right now I love Anneliese with the nn Annie and I am pretty sure I can get H on board with that.  I also like Josephine but he is not receptive to that one.

Any other suggestions?  Or a middle name suggestion for Anneliese?  Thanks!  I am home alone, bored and thinking about this so just decided to post!

DS 3.12.08
DD 7.11.09
DD 8.01.13

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