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Those that are due this weekend ....

how do you plan on spending the weekend while waiting for LO to arrive?
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Re: Those that are due this weekend ....

  • I thought last weekend was my last - but I get a bonus weekend! Wink

    Anyway, we went to the movies and dinner which was awesome. I'll probably hit the movies again this weekend if the bambino doesn't arrive, as I don't know how long it will be until we get to go on a date night again. Walks with the dog were nice and made me feel like I was doing something to get labor going.

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  • We'll probably walk our dogs and rent a couple of movies in the evenings. I plan to spend tomorrow and Sunday working on a couple of quilting projects I have going. Crafting always seems to make my days fly by!!
  • Well I went grocery shopping so that we wont have to go within the first few weeks after LO arrival. Tomorrow H is taking my nephew fishing in the morning then to a parade in town. Have birthday party for nephew (turned 5 on thursday) and then taking the fur kids with us to the IL's for cookout and sunday nothing planned. We shall see what else the weekend brings lol.

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  • I'll probably go to the grocery store and stock up on some stuff. I got all my cleaning done today, so I'm just going to relax all weekend.
  • I made plans figuring that if I have plans that the baby will interupt them. LOL! So I am doing some shopping in the morning on Sat and a BBQ Sat evening. Then Sunday morning I plan on doing any last minute cleaning I can find and a movie date with a friend Sunday night.  Not grand plans by any means.. but I figure if I have a full calendar it will pass the time faster, or the baby will be inclined to interupt! (Fingers Crossed). It's also a full moon this weekend so maybe that will help get the babies coming! :D
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  • I was due Wednesday, so I am super anxious.  I got a pedicure today and plan on walking around Musikfest tomorrow...that is if she doesn't make her appearance!  :) Full moon this weekend...Good luck ladies.
  • I'm due on Monday, but this weekend I have a horse show (in my home town of course) so I got my horse ready tonight, went out for Mexican with DH and my horse trainer, tomorrow and Sunday I'll be at the horse show which is only 3-4 min from my house, and I have my trailer there with the air conditioning if needed and any other amenities I may need.  I'm really hoping that with the full moon that some of us will be meeting our LO's this weekend...I've got my fingers crossed! 

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  • Hmm -- I'm just going to be hanging around the house mostly. Went out to dinner 2nite and might hit up the movies tomorrow night. Will probably do some freelance work and... that's the weekend.

    I'm really not expecting the lil dude to arrive (on time) tomorrow or Sunday, nothing's happening down there!

     What about you michela802?


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