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Due Date.....?

Ok, so I need some advice. I am getting very anxious for this baby to arrive. I am unsure at this point which due date to go off of. My "guess" for the first day of my last cycle put my due date at Aug 29th but my ultrasound due date was Aug 24, I understand that these dates are only 5 days apart but when you are down to counting days this makes all the difference. Now, I am sure that alot of responses will tell me to use the due date my doctor is going off of but I am not 100% about my doctor right now... I do not have insurance so I am going to a clinic for my prenatal care and I do not like the doctor one bit but at this point have no choice but to see him. He says since the days were so close he is going to go off of the original due date of the 29th. Even after I told him that I was not 100% on my "guess" He does not listen to me at all. Just curious to what you girls on here think about it. I also have some other questions I am hoping to have help with, so if your due date is close to mine, please respond I am dying to talk to someone!!!! thanks girls :)
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Re: Due Date.....?

  • I would rather have the later due date. My reasoning is that if you are right, baby could come early, no big deal. However, if your dr was going off the earlier due date he may push you to induce earlier than necessary. 

    You might not be as wary of induction as me, but that's how I look at it.  

  • This doctor will not push to induce, he is very old and old school. He is only the prenatal doctor and will not even be delivering my little guy. I do not like the idea of induction at all. It seems like alot of women are induced these days and honestly I like the idea of waking in the middle of the night for go time! With my first the doc offered to strip the membranes when I was 38+4, I was really happy with that, my son was so ready and it was a more natural way to push me into labor. I think Im just getting antsy. I also havent been check for dilation and effacement, I know that isnt gonna tell me when I am gonna have this baby, but it would be nice to know if all the Bh and pains Im having are doing anything....
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  • I'm due on the 29th, but being induced on the 24th, which I'm sooo not excited about! So do you know where you will be delivering and who will deliver you?? If you asked to have an internal would he do one? It might ease some of your worries if you have progressed or may further stress you if you haven't... Tongue Tied
  • I am due on the 29th and I have 0 progress. My doctor wont even consider inducing until 41 weeks! UGH!
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  • I would go off the later due date for 2 reasons... even if you are not to sure about your doctor, that's what's listed in your chart and will be passed along from your Dr's office to anyone else, like the hospital or any place you get referred for tests. Like PP said this will also be what they base you off of for induction timelines.

     2nd reason is pure sanity.. My DD was set as Aug 14 by my last menstral, and Aug 11 by the US. My Dr also didn't change my Due Date since they were so close. But in my mind I kept thinking.. well really the 11ths seams more accurate. Now that it's the 12th and I'm still pregnant, I wish I would have just accepted Aug 14 becuase I feel that much more anxious about him coming. In my mind, he's a day late, but according to the Dr, he's got 2 days left.

    Good Luck!

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  • I went for my strep b and figured (while he was down there) that he would check me, I was almost 37 weeks, he didnt... I really dont like this doctor at all and I am glad he wont be delivering my son. I will have my son at Banner Desert, I do not get to choose the doctor because I cannot afford the 3500... :(  I know that getting checked will not really make my anxiety better, if I am dilated or effaced at all I will be anxious thinking the baby will come any time when in fact I could very well go until September. On the other hand if there is no progress, I will be thinking this baby will never come, when I know well enough that you can go from 0 to 10 in a matter of hours. UGH!!! I just wish I could look into a glass ball.....


    why are you being induced 5 days before your due date?

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  • My experience:

    I was not 100% sure about the start day of my last period when I got pregnant (I was going to start charting the next month). I knew within a few days of when my period started so I picked a day that sounded the closest. That gave me an August 2nd due date. At my 13 week and 15 week ultrasounds, the baby measured with a July 28th and 29th due date. They did not change my August due date because there was not enough of a difference. I went into labor on my own on July 30th and gave birth August 1st.

    Forget about the few days difference. In the end it does not matter. There is little chance that your baby will be born exactly on the 24th or 29th. The baby will come when it comes.

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