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Calling All Co-Sleepers: Please recommend your mattress

Hi Mommas,

I currently have a Beautyrest mattress with a pillow top and it's so uncomfortable! Over the years it has made indents where me and DH sleep. My 4m old rolls into me. I want to prevent this by buying a new mattress.

What mattress do you recommend, have you tried a memory foam topper while co-sleeping? Thanks!

Re: Calling All Co-Sleepers: Please recommend your mattress

  • We have this one from Ikea in a king (sorry not clicky, using a Mac):

     I wouldn't recommend memory foam. 1st, you sink into it, which is concerning if you are sharing your bed with an infant. 2nd, it's made from petro-chemicals, so not very eco-friendly & the off gassing is supposed to be nasty. 

    Latex will give you the cush of memory foam but is natural & you don't sink into. Ikea uses more health/eco friendly flame retardants too. They actually only use them in the US since it's mandated. There's another latex mattress above this one in $$ that's organic too. Also, no springs means almost no motion transfer between sleepers, so you won't all be waking each other up when you move. Honestly, the one I linked above it way more comfortable than the mattress I replaced that cost 2.5 times more.  

    Oh, & go ahead & spring for a king. Best decision we ever made as bed sharers. 


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  • Thanks webMistress0609! I will definitley check this out. By the way I am the OP. I was tired of not being able to change my ticker so I created a new account.
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  • Oh darn, it doesn't come in California King, boo! It looked really nice too. 
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  • I'm not a co-sleeper yet, but when we were TTC we bought a new mattress with the intention of co-sleeping. 

    After a whole lot of research we bought the Ikea natural latex mattress.

    It is Ikea's most expensive option, but way less than what we would have paid for natural latex elsewhere.  It is so comfortable (we like a really firm mattress - which is why we chose it as it is firmer than Ikea's other options) that we bought a second for our queen guest bed.  Our old mattress was Macy's top of the line version and after a few years I hated sleeping in the wells that developed.  

    We tried memory foam, but it is too squishy for us.  The way it works is that it reacts to heat.  So the hotter you sleep, the softer it gets.  DH and I are both warm sleepers, so on memory foam we end up sleeping in a puddle of mush.  

    The latex extrusion process creates these  holes in the foam that allows air to pass through them.  Making for a comfy and non-sweaty sleep.

    You mentioned that you need a cal king.  We ordered latex from these guys to cut down to make the mattresses for the berths on our boat (can you tell that we are total latex converts?).  We had a good shopping experience with them.  We slept on our latex mattress on the boat almost every night for four years, and it is still as comfy as day 1. And they make a cal. king size.  

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  • StacieJane, I tried the sleep number and it wasn't for me. Glad you like though! :o)
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