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Just curious- Who here uses the moby wrap for everyday use?

Hi ladies!  With DD#1 I never used a carrier.  Mainly because it was entering the warm months.  But with DD#2 on the way very soon, I think it would make my life a little easier if I carried her, since I will have a 17 month old to take care of at the same time.  I'm pretty positive I'm getting the moby wrap, but wanted to find out first hand how those of you who use it, like it.  I need something safe and secure for every day use.


Thanks ladies!

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Re: Just curious- Who here uses the moby wrap for everyday use?

  • I dug mine out today because at 10 a.m. (4 hours after we got up) we were still all in our pj's, the house was a wreck, I still hadn't brushed my teeth, and we had guests coming over.  Halle curled right up in it, stopped fussing, and went to sleep.  It's a godsend!
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  • I have one and I love it.. now how much DD likes it is another story... she tolerates it for a little while - or will be ok in it if we are outside.. but around the house its not her favorite... We also have the Baby Bjorn and she seems to like it a little more, but not really.  We wear one every day to get her used to them.. I think she will like them more when she is a little older - I found that even now that she has more neck control that she is enjoying them a little more as she can look around and is more engaged when I am doing something and she is in the carrier.  But all that being said.. I LOVE THE MOBY!  Super comfy - easy to put on (once you get the hang of it), a little difficult to put baby in and out of, but not bad!
  • I absolutely love my Moby and use it daily.  DS loves to curl up in it and fall asleep while I get all the running done that I have to do with a 3 year old in the house!  If you are worried about it being too hot you might look into buying a bamboo one.  I have the original and a bamboo fabric and its definitely cooler to wear, although more pricey.  
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  • I have a Moby this time around (versus a sling last time) and I love it. I don't use it everyday, but I have used it when she's having a hard time falling asleep so I can get stuff done. I also just used it when we went to a children's museum a few days ago for DD1's fun day. It was absolutely amazing. Loved it.
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  • I have used a number of different carriers beween DS #1 and DS #2... my thoughts are:

     Moby wrap - great for breastfeeding in, great for carrying newborns... get's really hot though... i do get a lot of compliments on it though as it is kind of fashionable when it's done up... it can stretch out though a little so you need to re-wrap occasionally... also I couldn't see carrying my son up to 35lbs in this one as I don't think it would be secure enough for that, but DS is currently 12lbs an is fine in it still.

    Baby Bjorn - great for bottle feeding, has the ability to forward face the baby... no ability to breastfeed in it though... but DH loves this one

    Ergo baby - only good for infants if you buy the additional add in part... my toddler loves it as he goes on my back, but he didn't like it until a few months ago.

    Slings (i.e. hot sling) - completely useless and unsafe as I never felt DS #1 was secure enough in it.


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  • I love my moby, but for the past week, I haven't been able to get my LO into it. It worked really well for us in the beginning, but now he gets very fussy when I try to get him in. I tried an alternate wrapping/hold method, and he still wasn't okay with it. I'm finding that a bit frustrating, especially because it takes so long to get it all wrapped around me, and then it's all for nothing.

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  • Heck to the yeah! That thing is a life saver! I am a wedding co-ordinator and I have my first wedding toinght since I have had G! Luckily I know the clients, so I am able to bring her and wear her!
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  • I *love* my Moby wrap. I usually use it to carry my daughter when I go for walks or to the grocery store (it's a few blocks away from my house, so I walk). I've just recently started wearing her to get the dishes done, but have her in my front, so it's a little awkward. I am thinking of trying to wear her on my back to get chores around the house done.
  • We're still getting used to it but so far so good. I tried the newborn hug hold and DD kept shifting so her head was in the middle. We're going to keep playing with it.
  • I use mine multiple times a day!! Love, love, love it!!
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  • Dont have a moby, but we use a k'tan (similar to a wrap but easier) EVERY day! love babywearing!
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