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question about membrane scrape???

If you have had a membrane scrape, did you feel it was worth doing? I hear they are uncomfortable, and that you can cramp and bleed afterward. Did it help you go into labor?

Re: question about membrane scrape???

  • Had it done twice in the past 2 weeks and nothing :(  IT probably helps move things along if your body is closer to being ready. 
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    Had it done twice in the past 2 weeks and nothing :(  IT probably helps move things along if your body is closer to being ready. 


    Same here, I had it done this Monday and last Monday and nothing so far. However I was only 1 cm dilated both times and I've been that way for a long time. It would probably work better on people who are making more progress on their own. It did make me a little crampy and I lost a bunch of bloody/brown mucus for a few days after both times. I do know some people though that get it done and go into labor the next day.  

  • Same for me as what PPs said. I was at 1 cm when I had it done last week @ 39w0d. I had a ton of bloody/brown mucus and crampiness right afterwards, but no baby yet, so obviously my body and baby were not ready. I will probably have it done at my appointment tomorrow again, even though it didn't do much last time, because I'm irrational like that.
  • yeah, i hear the same thing from ppl as what you ladies have mentioned. It doesn't do much unless your body is ready to go anyways. I had my 40 week appt tuesday and i was still not dialated. i have a appt tmrw for a NST and another internal and was debating on getting a membrane scrape done. I suppose i will base getting it done on whether i've dialated at all yet or not. thanks for your personal experiences ladies :)
  • I had my membranes stripped Monday at 2 cm.  I lost my mucis plug yesterday and last night I started to get regular contractions for 5 hours and then they fizzled.  They came back but are pretty irregular now.  I'm hoping that this means real labor soon!
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  • I had it done at my 39 week appointment. I was already dilated to a strong 5. It was uncomfortable for sure, but nothing too painful. I did have a lot of bloody mucous from then on (pretty much until I went into labor) and cramping for the rest of the day. My midwife said we would know if it worked within 12 hours, well that was Wednesday the 3rd and my water broke at 10:15 AM on Saturday the 6th. I don't know if the stripping had anything to do with labor starting, but I think it was worth trying.
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  • I had it done Tues. when I was 1 cm/75% effaced.  It didn't hurt me at all.  Still no baby though.  I'm going tomorrow to have it done again.  Hopefully I'll at least dilated a bit more.  One of my friends had it done at 3cm and went into labor 2 days later and another at 2cm and went 15 hours later. 

    You want to be a crampy after!  That means it's working!

  • I didn't cramp or bleed afterwards but the stretch and sweep was quite uncomfortable. It did stretch things from 2cm to 3cm so at the very least it helped progress my dilation.
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  • I did it twice, it did nothing either time and i did not elect to go for a third time at my 41 week appointment. It's uncomfortable but, even if i knew what i know now, i would probably still go for it. It may help, it won't really hurt so you don't have too much to lose besides some discomfort. Yes, i cramped for a couple of days afterwards and was exhausted but it was far from unbearable. Good luck in making your decision!
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  • I had it done at 38w and nothing happened. 
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  • I had it done at 39 weeks and nothing happened. I had it done again at 40 weeks and went into labor 14 hours later. Don't know if it was just coincidence or if it was due to the sweep.
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