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40 weeks 1 day!

So I am not complaining. But it is so odd to have this date in your head for nine months, in my case, August 10.  And this date has taken on this huge significance... and you don't make plans around it because even though it's your estimated due date, you just consider it the day.  And then it passes... and baby's still inside.  It's just a weird feeling... August 10th has been loaded with meaning and now it's just another day!  Thankful for a healthy, still-developing baby and excited to meet her whenever she comes!
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Re: 40 weeks 1 day!

  • Oh, I understand the feeling! I've had the opportunity to freak two people out already today who asked when I was due. When you mention a date in the past their facial expression is super funny - especially men.
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  • I am right there with you. I just wrote a very similar post! It really doesn't help when other people start to look at you like "Why haven't you just had it already?" LIKE we have a choice!

    I don't know if this will help but it makes me feel a little better

    WE CAN'T BE PREGNANT FOREVER! (even though it feels like it Wink)

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