1st Trimester

what did u stop doing once u got ur BFP?

Did you stop....

dying your hair/highlighting

drinking caffeine

working out intensely

eating fish

laying out in the sun


just wondering :) if anything


Re: what did u stop doing once u got ur BFP?

  • wine and coffee were my big cut-offs...and rare steak (i miss that most of all) :(

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  • image sunnygrrl143:

    Did you stop....

    dying your hair/highlighting

    drinking caffeine

    working out intensely

    eating fish

    laying out in the sun


    just wondering :) if anything

    I drink less caffeine--probably 1 cup in the morning. I still work out 5 days a week: spin, run, lift, etc.  

    Luckily I got my highlights right before BFP, so I'm pretty good for awhile. 

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  • drinking beer

    eating steak - just the thought makes me want to chunder


  • Did you stop....

    dying your hair/highlighting - yes

    drinking caffeine - yes (although most experts agree that under 200mg of caffeine per day is ok.)

    working out intensely - I don't usually work out too intensely, so I didn't need to stop.

    eating fish - I stopped eating tuna, and I don't really like other kinds of fish.

    laying out in the sun - I don't usually lay out, so I didn't need to stop.

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  • I stopped drinking coffee (mostly because it sounds gross now) and I won't dye my hair until second tri and no more raw sushi or wine/beer.  :( all so worth it tho :)
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  • image 2dogmom:
    wine and coffee were my big cut-offs...and rare steak (i miss that most of all) :(


    These 3 exactly.

  • stoped drinking coffee in the mornings, dont really miss it thanks to m/s

    stopped working out intensely- again thanks to m/s working out hard makes me sick, but I plan to pick back up as soon as I can

    had to rearrange my vacation plans, planned on zip lining, parasailing and bungie jumping during out vacation to Cancun...had to change all those events and tone it down a little :)

    of cource drinking alcohol ( i rarely did anyway)

    not a fish eatter, so problem here



  • I stopped drinking wine, I'm avoiding caffeine (though chocolate sneaks in every now and again), and I'm just watching what I eat much more closely.  Oh, and now my husband's on permanent cat-box duty ;).

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  • Wine is my big thing. I miss it so much.

    chaseandchristian again


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  • eating fish? Do people stop eating fish entirely? Fish is good for you. Just don't eat the super high mercury stuff or over-indulge in the moderately high mercury stuff.

    I stopped drinking alcohol, obviously.

    For now, I also quit: caffeinated beverages, running, coloring my hair.  I will probably pick these back up later on.

  • I stopped drinking wine, although my OB (and my Italian family) both agree that a small glass every now and then won't harm baby. 
  • Thanks to m/s I pretty much stopped eating all together. I had to stop my Zumba classes no caffeinated sodas, no drinking, no lifting heavy things (not even my beautiful niece Sad ), no staying out in the heat for too long... yep that about covers it!

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  • Wine! Ugh, my husband and I love having a few glasses of wine after work. i miss that. I also gave up my diet soda bc of the caffeine.
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  • I cut out the caffine, diet drinks, alcohol (of course), but haven't changed too much else.  I have a three yr old who loves to be outside, so we still walk everyday (well, she rides) and we go to the pool, etc, so I am in the sun - but I do make sure not to get overheated.
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  • Alcohol (though I've never been a huge drinker)

    Sushi (the hardest by far)

    Caffeine (though I have an occasional cup of tea)

    Danger fish completely and other fish in moderation

    I'm still working out and will as long as I can, though I've had to change things a bit.  The exercise bike makes me very nauseated, so I have to stick to the elliptical, walking and swimming.

  • I still drink one (pretty big) cup of half calf coffee in the morning (I have found pooping is too important to me and this makes it possible).

    I still work out 5x a week, but do monitor my HR to keep it under 160. I see 140 all over the place but my OB said 160 is fine for me.

    I had a small glass of red wine Saturday night at my parents house. I took an hour to drink it and it was amazing and I will be enjoying that treat every once in a while :)

    I never lay out in the sun unless I am wearing my standard 50SPF - nothing to do with being pregnant, I like that at 31 people still guess that I am 26.

    I had a shrimp quesadilla for dinner last night. Just staying away from high iron seafood/fish and limiting to the recommended amounts.

    I had a turkey sandwich last week too.  

  • I stopped drinking alcohol actually when I knew I was ovulating that month. 

    I cut out: caffeine, sushi, deli meat, rare meat, unpasteurized cheese, artificial sweeteners and I am doing my best to avoid "junk" and fast food.

     Believe me, I have never been the healthiest eater. Something about having this little thing inside me makes me think twice about what I put in my body. 



  • ME TOO!!!!!  However, my dr. told me yesterday that she is fine w/ a glass here and there!  Don't know if I will, but I am a teacher and there are some days that I come home and would kill for a glass! :o)
  • Meth.

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  • My nightly beer. I miss it. So much.
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  • Didn't drink caffeine or dye my hair to start- so that wasn't an issue.

    Not drinking or eating sushi.  I'm still eating seafood, just following the guidelines the doctor gave me.   I also stopped spraying my horses with fly spray- it's stronger than the human stuff.

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  • I gave up eating my favorite fish (orange roughy..yum!) since it's on the highest mercury content list according to the American Pregnancy Association.  However I will still eat other fish.  The other things weren't really an issue for me.
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  • switched to half caff coffee in the morning (does NOT help with the fatigue, blah)

    no more alcohol

    have been working out still but so tired, everything seems really hard, so naturally it has been less intense.

    I don't dye my hair, eat sushi or much fish at all really so no changes there.

    I've still been eating deli meat but I haven't had any unpastuerized cheese since I found out.

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  • Did you stop....

    dying your hair/highlighting-During 1st tri, yes.

    drinking caffeine-no but I drink very little to begin with.

    working out intensely-lol, I stopped this weeks before

    eating fish-I stopped eating fish high in mercury

    laying out in the sun-um, No.


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  • margaritas and bleu cheese.
  • I stopped drinking beer and eating raw sushi. (I still eat cooked though.)
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  • Sushi, coffee, and beer (well all alcohol, but I mostly drink beer).  Not that beer sounds good right now anyway, but I miss being able to drink it if I wanted to!

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  • Did you stop....dying your hair/highlighting:  I don't dye to begin with drinking caffeine: I work at starbucks so i cut down when we started trying ill have a cup of what ever i want every now and than and i don't drink soda muchworking out intensely: anything you did before you where pregnant you can do during or at least till you get to the tree month mark where you have to cut out the abdominal stuffeating fish:  just had spicy crab roll, spicy tuna roll and crunchy roll the other daylaying out in the sun : don't lay out to begin with 
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  • coffee (regular & decaf)

    lunch meat

    red wine (was my favorite)

    caffinated sodas (really missing dr pepper)

    ricotta cheese (used it in lasagna recipe, havent been able to find pasturized version)


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