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family is spread out ..what to do!?

Two years ago I moved to Alabama from Massachusetts to finish school. It was not in my plan to fall in love, get married, and stay this far from my family. But I did fall in love and now were getting married and expecting our first child in January :) and now I am in Alabama forever. (which is NOT a bad thing)

The thing is I am a huge family person. I am torn up about not being able to go home for the shower that they want to throw me! So my question is does anyone have advice on how to go about celebrating this exciting time in my life with MY family? Atleast making the seperation easier during the next 5 months?

TIA! :)

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Re: family is spread out ..what to do!?

  • Have you thought about going home to visit at Christmas? You could always kill two birds that way. If not, you could always start your own baby blog. That way you can keep them updated about dr.'s visits, pictures of your belly, etc. Or you can wait until after the baby comes, that's when they will really want to see you anyways. I have a friend who just flew home to Canada for a week to visit her family with a 3 month old. It's probably a lot easier to fly with and infant than it is a toddler. Good luck!
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  • Just wondering, but why cannot you not go home for the shower?  Travel is usually approved by doctors later into 3rd tri (unless you are higher risk, of course).
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  • Why don't you go home for Christmas or even Thanksgiving? You could have a shower with your family then. I ended up having three showers in total. My MIL threw one in Olympia, my best friend threw one in Portland, and DH's co-workers threw one for us. We got everything we needed and got to spend time with the people we love. 
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  • well i would go home for thanksgiving or christmas but i cannot travel after the 17th of november. I am also finishing my last semester of school (student teaching). It is in the plan to go back home in march/april  with the baby, but i am having a hard time with being pregnant without the support of my family.

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  • Keep your spirits up.  One idea that might work for is a "post - baby shower" I have had a few friends do it.  After the baby is born and you can travel your family can throw you a shower AND meet the baby at the same time.  Otherwise you could invite them to see you after the baby is born that way they are not traveling just for a party but to meet your new addition to the family. 

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  • My sister met and married an Australian man and has lived in Aus for the last 6 years. My Mom threw her a shower for her first child, it ran just like a regular shower, all of our family came to my parents house and my sister was on the Web Cam for the whole thing. My family loves any reason to celebrate. Our youngest cousin had the honor of opening the baby gifts, I think she was about 6 at the time. My parents packed everything up and took it with them when they went to be with her after the birth. It worked out really well and no one thought it was gift-grabby.

    After her son was born she started a monthly email to all of our family and her friends. It included what Ryan had done that month, any special outings and a few pictures. My Mom made a scrapbook of the emails and it is super cute. We have family all over the US and her husband has family all over Aus so it was a great way for everyone to keep up with what Ryan was doing.


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  • What about traveling for an early Thanksgiving then?
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  • I have a similar situation. I moved to Maine from Chicago to live with my fianc? and his parents and we don't have money for me to go to Chicago for Thanksgiving and traveling after that isn't advised because of weather. I'm thinking of an internet shower, I heard someone else did it but I don't know how it works. I definitely need to do the shower before the baby because I need the stuff and can't afford all of it myself. I'll be having another shower in Maine in Oct or Nov. Good luck figuring it out! 
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  • I know how you feel. My husband is in the military and we get to see our family maybe once or twice a year if we are lucky. We were trying to get leave in the next few weeks to go home to be in his brothers wedding, as well as having our families baby showers but, Military is the rule and they say we don't need to lol.  We haven't been home since before Christmas last year and i'm def. struggling with not seeing or having my family around during the pregnancy.  If you can maybe try to take a long weekend, leave Friday morning and fly out until Monday morning or something if at all possible.  Skype works wonders if you have families who are able to be computer savvy.  Good luck to you!
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  • I was in a similar situation when it came to when and where to have my baby shower. With mine and my husband's schedule, our financial situation and my family and friends being all spread out it was a hard decision for me. I really would have liked to of been able to go back to FL to have one with my closest friends and my family, but just couldn't. Luckily for me my in-laws live close so they offered to throw my baby shower for me. Because it was really important to include my mom and sister we arranged to have them use Skype (a webcam system). That way they could watch all the festivities and be apart of the day in the next best way. My mom and sister have now said that once the baby is born there will be many more conversations using Skype. I think that it's a great way to stay in touch with loved ones who are far away. Hope this helps! :)
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