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No Foley put in this morning -Big drama

So I was scheduled to have the Foley balloon catheter put in this morning at 8:30am.

Throughout the night I was having very mild cramping -Got up 4x to pee & because yesterday I noticed a somewhat thick white to yellow discharge, I decided to wear an Always nighttime pad (intended for after pregnancy). Well, here's the good news...I woke up with the pad having substantial discharge that was colored with pink/brown/yellow Smile I've never been more happy to have discharge before. LOL!

This morning my husband & I went in for the appointment. I brought the pad (in a zip lock to show the Dr.), she checked to see if I was dialated and to look at fluid + looked to see under a microscope if there was any amniotic fluid, but there wasn't. However, she did say I was 2cm & 50% effaced. So, she came back with her assistant, and was about to take the Foley out of the package, when we began asking more questions. To make this long story a little shorter, she said it was up to us, we could call it off and see what happens. We then said yes, we'd like to wait. She quickly said "Fine!" and left me on the table & stormed out of the office as she rolled her eyes. Yes, this really happened!! We couldn't believe it, and were going to change Dr's right then and there for this birth, but she caught us before we had a chance, and apologized. No hug, no handshake, or touch, but we gave her an ear full and I'm sure the entire office staff could hear. No we weren't yelling, but voices were not soft either.

She then said do you want me to scrape your membranes, as it could help encourage labor...I reluctantly said yes, only because I want all the help for this baby to come naturally as possible. When she did that, she said I was actually 3 cm and soft. She helped me sit up, and behaved nicely, but I am still shocked by her attitude of this morning. This will be the last baby she delivers from me. Hopefully I will go into labor on my own while she is covered by a different Dr., otherwise I will plan to be induced on Friday...


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Re: No Foley put in this morning -Big drama

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