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Constipated! TMI I know, but I need help! LOL

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Re: Constipated! TMI I know, but I need help! LOL

  • I tried Colace and fruits and veggies that were supposedly good for moving the flow of things, but NOTHING worked. The only thing that has truly helped me is eating a Fiber One bar everyday! I literally get relief within 23 hours. It's the only thing that helps me poop on a daily basis! I get the bars that have 35% fiber as opposed to other bars have 20%. Try it; you never know! Good luck! :)

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  • I too have been  eating all the fiber ,fruit and veggies I can  but  sometimes it doesn't help . The best bet I found was   exercise or least walking for 30 min  helped to  get things moving . Good luck ! 
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  • A bowl of All-Bran and a cup of coffee seem to work like a charm.  Just make sure that you are somewhere that you have a toilet accesible.  Takes me about 4 hours before it has an effect.
  • You could try warm prune juice.  We all know the magical properties of prunes and the warm liquid stimulates peristalsis and gets things moving along.  If you're going days in between BMs, take some Colace - it doesn't make you poop, but it makes it softer when you do.

  • Activia yogurt once a day really did the trick with DS. 
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  • Raisin Bran or Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Chai. . .
  • A coffee always does it for me! I have a cup in the morning, and before I go to work I always have to go.

    Taking metamucil before a meal really helps me as well, but I don't do that often as my cup of coffee a day does the trick everytime.

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  • I have been drinking Plum Juice lately and it is working really well. I will also place prunes in the freezer and then eat them, which helps. The prunes do not freeze solid, I like them better cold. I hope you find something that works for you.

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  • I've tried EVERYTHING and nothing works but a spoon full of whole flaxseed once a day.  Once I started pooping I took it once every other day and I still go every day.  Also drink lots of water to wash it down.  A naturopathic also told me to use witch hazel after you poop to avoid hemorrhoids.  
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  • Be sure not to take too much fiber, especially as a supplement, because it can get backed up in there like a big sponge and make constipation worse. Drink a ton of water, and caffeine helps get things moving as well. Also, my non-medical experience - Mexican food and ramen always get things moving for me. :)
  • Hey Mrs, I was having really bad issues with this too.  Honestly though, I think I realized mine was from not eating ENOUGH.  I started eating more (the less my morning sickness attacked) and things started moving a little bit again.

    Also, I started brewing decaf iced tea in my Mr. Tea maker, and I drink like, 50 oz. of tea per day, and that also seemed to help a little.  Just staying hydrated.

    Hope that helps!!!  :]

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  • Mine was so bad up until a week ago that I almost called 911 a few times lol.  It was horrible, I was getting desperate and using glycerine suppositories just to get it out! I went to the doc and she basically told me I'm dehydrated and I need to drink 64 oz of water a day to get it moving again.  Starting the next day I did that, and within 2 days I was going like normal again. I'm telling you, the extra fluids helped tremendously! And it's even gotten rid of my horrible headaches I was having every afternoon.  Good luck!
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  • I second the cup of coffee! I drink one cup a day and have never had a problem.
  • Coffee definitely helps, but I can't drink it b/c it gives me indigestion now :( One thing that helps me is to actually take a deep breath in and to slowly release it through my mouth while sitting on the toilet. It ALWAYS makes my bowels start moving ;)
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    Activia yogurt once a day really did the trick with DS. 



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