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This baby is never coming- Vent

This is a total vent becuase I am tired, hormonal and irrational. Proceed with caution :)

Last Monday I had a check up and I was 2 cm dilated and the doctor said "I will be suprised if you make it another week. You are making great progress". So I went and got excited that he would be here soon. Wed I lost my mucus plug, so I got even more excited! Then it's just been waiting. Walking a lot, spicy foods, sex when we can muster up the energy, and last night I started to have contractions that were more than BH. Sooo, today I went back in for a check up AND... no progress!!!!! I know it was technically silly for me to get my hopes up to begin with, but to hear that there was 0 progress crushed me. I actually went to my car after the appt and cried. Granted my 2 year old was up all night last night so between that and the contractions I got very little sleep and obviously right now I have a lot of hormones going, but I just broke down and cried. I stopped after a few minutes and told myself it's OK to be upset but that I have to think long term and realize that if he isn't coming yet there is a reason, and he's just in there getting big and strong and will come when the time is right. It helped some.. but I have to admit I am still a little sad.

 OK Vent over... no more pity part, it could be worse and heres to hoping that everyone has healthy happy babies, and deliveries. Thanks!

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Re: This baby is never coming- Vent

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