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Yay, Max update!

It looks like we are moving out of the NICU and into the PACU. It is not intensive care so I can stay with him and care for him. He is off of oxygen and starting to bottle feed, slowly. We still have no idea about the long term effects of the meningitis. Only time will tell, but he is alive and that's what matters. also, someone asked before if I was positive for GSB. I wasn't. This virus was a normal cold for me but due to the 'traumatic' birth and him being a premie, it was a perfect storm of events that caused him to become sick. I don't want you guys to freak yourselves out. I will caution though, keep sick people away from your LO. You don't have to lock them down, but the blood brain barrier doesn't fully form until they are six weeks old so they are at a higher risk of meningitis if they become sick. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers for us, we truly felt them.
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Max born July 25


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