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Now entering I'mOverItVille...

Is seems like as soon as I turned 32 weeks, I started feeling "over it" already.  My lovely spurts of energy, desire to workout, and go to work have dwindled.  My belly feels so much heavier and my good 'ole trusty belly band gets on my damn nerves now.  I might at well be wearing some sheepskin overalls because that how irritating, hot, and heavy it feels on my belly now...LOL!  And it's soooo damn hot & humid outside (100+ degree heat index everyday for the past couple weeks!).  My frickin' heartburn and acid reflux are in FULL swing.  I used to only get it if I ate dinner a little to late or ate something saucy or spicy but now I get it with almost anything I eat!  Ok...just needed to vent a smidge...now I digress... 

Anyone else missing the so-called glory days of pregnancy? Smile

Re: Now entering I'mOverItVille...

  • Have to love the awesome heartburn/acid reflux... This has become my nightmare smyptom... I hope this one comes out with hair cause he is killing me lol ..

    I get it from everything including water.

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  • My thoughts exactly! Although I wont't be 32 weeks until Friday, I have officially checked out.  I'm tired of the heartburn, going to work, wearing clothes - I'm tired of everything! I agree with you about the heat too - I'm in TX, where we are on a 36+ day record for temps above 100. Did I mention I'm carrying twins :-)

    To make a long story short, I wrote all that to say I AGREE ;-)

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  • Welcome to our quaint little town! Iv been in ImOverItVille for the vast majority of this pregnancy. I think i had one month when i didnt have m/s, heartburn, back pain, PUPPs, and i wasnt overly huge and uncomfortable....
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  • My pregnancy has been glorious...but now I am dealing with gestational diabetes, and I am over this pregnancy thing too!! I am so damn tired of feeling hungry all the time and not getting to eat that chocolate chip ice cream...heck, even a bowl of spaghetti!
    I knew this day would come where it felt like I am just sitting here, twittling my thumbs...waiting...I have no energy either to get on the treadmill...That may be lack of carbs in my diet or pregnancy, who the heck knows anymore?!!
    I still have a little less than two months left...It feels like he should be coming next week!!
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  • I'm completely checked out.  Life would be so great if I could just spend my days with my daughter and husband and not have to do anything else.  I'm checked out of work and want to call off everyday, but don't because I want the time off with my baby.  I'm tired of the heartburn and cankles.  I'm tired of rolling over in bed turning into an olympic sport.  So to sum up my whole vent, I completely agree with you.  Stick out tongue
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  • I feel you, especially on the heartburn. I have found that if I listen to my cravings my heartburn is not nearly as bad. I wanted veggie lasagna soooo bad on Friday and I've had this awful heartburn for a week and I could barely eat anything, even buttered rice made me sick. Both DH and I thought it was the last thing I needed, but I made it anyway and ate three servings.  First night in a week with no heartburn. Glorious. Last night, same thing. I was dying for baked chicken with bread stuffing, no heartburn. Saturday and Sunday nights I ate what I thought I should, heartburn all night, both nights.

    I have no suggestions for the heat (I'm in Louisiana, ugh) or having to work or the rest of it, all of which is riding my last nerve too, but try eating what you're craving (exactly) and see if that helps with the heartburn.  If you're as bad off as I was, it can't get any worse, so give it a shot.

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  • Yep. I'm there too.  Caring after a 5 & 3 year old on top of being huge pregnant, is taking it's toll. And quite frankly, making me cranky and with a short fuse.  I keep reminding myself it's not their fault. Every little thing DH and the kids do gets under my skin.  

    I'm SO ready to be done.  And it just reconfirms the fact that this is our last child.   

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  • I want LO#2 to be born NOW! I want to spend as much of my 12 wk mat leave with her, not waiting for her to come. That is pretty much it except that every day that I stay pregnant I feel my belly stretch more and more and that is so uncomfortable!
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  • Uh oh, If you're feeling that way at 32 weeks afraid you're in for a world of disappointment :/
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  • i made 32 weeks yesterday and i definitely have hit a wall.  i don't want to do anything whatsoever except sit on the couch and do nothing.  waking up for work this week has been really tough, and i notice i'm super grumpy.  but it all only started this week!
  • Yea I totally just passed I'mOverItVille and hit the exit for GetThisKidTheFvckOutofMe Blvd.
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  • This just made my day.  I'm only 30 weeks, and I want to throw a tantrum when I think about having to endure this for another 10.  I'd also like to add that I'm done being stuck in the house to avoid the heat, done talking about it with everyone, and done with strangers staring and their comments.   
  • Yep. I'm 31 weeks and 2 days and SO ready for my little girl to be here. My back is breaking already and I don't see how this belly can grow anymore...also it's 114 degrees outside today, I keep bumping my belly into everything, and baby's favorite position is head into hipbone and feet into ribs. I'm miserable. But I try not to complain. haha
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  • I am almost 31 weeks and for the past 2 weeks I just want to cry when I think I have 9 more weeks of this!  I cannot do it!  I am MISERABLE!  I cannot breathe, I feel HUGE!!!  I am uncomfortable when I sit or walk!  I also have a three year old and she is driving me crazy!! :)  I feel like an awful mommy since I do not want to play with her!!  I just want to deliver and get my life back!!!  AHHHHHHHH
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    Have to love the awesome heartburn/acid reflux... This has become my nightmare smyptom... I hope this one comes out with hair cause he is killing me lol ..

    I get it from everything including water.

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    Yea I totally just passed I'mOverItVille and hit the exit for GetThisKidTheFvckOutofMe Blvd.


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