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anyone choose hypnobirthing, but not take the class?

I dont know if we can afford the specific class, wuold a regular natural bith class, at our hosp, do?
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Re: anyone choose hypnobirthing, but not take the class?

  • We did the Hypnobabies home course and liked it. It was well worth what we spent on the course & I liked being able to do it on my own time; the relaxation tracks are great & DH & I still listen to them when we can't sleep.

    A natural birth class would probably have more methods of relaxation covered and might be a more whole approach. I found Hypnobabies to be really helpful in the first few hours of labor but honestly forgot most of it and just used other techniques toward the end (like tons of belly dancing & bouncing on the ball). I think the Hypnobabies techniques will be helpful if we decide to have a second, I just wasn't focused enough because there was so much unknown going on with DD.

    You could do both and take the class and still do hypnobirthing at home. 


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  • I just started the Hypnobabies Self-study course last week and it's great. It's very positive and gives you confidence that you can do it without taking a class. 
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  • I plan on doing hypnobirthing, I'm due in October. I'm taking a regular birthing class and reading Hypnobirthing - The Mongan Method by Marie F. Mongan. It is a really good book, and comes with a CD. I don't plan on taking the classes as they're really expensive and I learn better when I do it on my own. The book I'm reading was suggested to my from a friend who used it with her second child and said that her birthing experience was less painful than her first child (which she had an epidural). This book has lots of details and goes into the history of natural birthing which I really like. It's a good read non the less and I got mine @ B&N for around $15, I'm sure you can find it on too and maybe for less. Good luck! 
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  • me me me! I read the Hypnobirthing - Mongan Method Book, downloaded the tracks, and practice every night. I also have been taking pre-natal yoga which has really helped me as it uses a lot of similar techniques. I also took a 2 hour breathing & relaxation class at a local hospital (it was only $30). Honestly the class was nice but was mostly overlap with what I've already learned from hypnobabies and yoga. I feel confident and excited about hypnobirthing. I avoided the class because it was SO expensive and our insurance wouldn't reimburse any of it. You'll be fine, as long as you practice!
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