Single Parents

Codependent No More....

Anyone read it?

What did you think?

Has it helped you?

My SO doesn't have a chemical dependency. However, I can still relate  a bunch of what I have been reading in this book. 

I feel like this book may be able to help me, I sure hope it can. =o) 


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Re: Codependent No More....

  • I never read it, but it saved my best friend's life.  She was with an alcoholic that was all kinds of abusive to her and after reading that book she was able to see things for what they were and get on with her life.  Hope it helps you! 
  • I read most of it, at the suggestion of my counselor right before XH and I split.  It was very good and taught me how I was enabling XH without even realizing it, and changing my own morals/values, etc. just to stay with him.  It had a really good test where you can rate yourself on a scale from 0 to 2 regarding if you relate not at all, a little, or a lot. 
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