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I want to hear some stories about in-laws!

I haven't been on here in while, but I always enjoyed reading the good & bad stories about in-laws! I know I am not the only one here! haha Thanks! :)

Re: I want to hear some stories about in-laws!

  • Give me a topic and i've probably got a story!  My step-FIL is HORRIBLE.

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  • How horrible? My FIL isn't exactly involved like a "normal" grandparent. He is notorious for being a womanizer. His three proud favorite interests are 1.) Sex 2.)Baseball 3.)The catholic church. He also has a foot fetish. (Luckily I have some nasty feet.) He complains he doesn't see our DS, but he is very creepy to be around and he ignores our DS when he is around him. He is a nice man I will give him that. I can't wait for him to move to FL!

  • There isn't enough time in the day. MIL took DD to the county fair in the middle of the day in a long sleeve turtle neck with another shirt over it. We live in Southern California, it was almost 80 degrees. Apparently it is "easier" than sunscreen!! We spend $20 for 2oz of California Baby and the crazy lady prevents skin cancer with turtlenecks. Guess who hid the turtleneck? Which btw she bought and I hate even when it is seasonally appropriate.
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  • OMG to the turtleneck story!

    My MIL is about as overbearing as they come.  Last week she informed me during her vacation she was going to take our 2 year old across the state to this science center.  And let's see she has only actually babysat him in our house a handful of times because she does what she wants.  She has NEVER had him in her car because she is a stinky driver and she doesn't even have a carseat.  So ya that was so not happening.  She doesn't even have a clue what he eats or when he sleeps because she is always shoving random food in his mouth that he won't eat.  Last week we let her babysit at night so we could go out for our anniversary and I left my son's pjs out and gave directions.  She decided she wanted to give him a bath, which is not an easy feat with him.  Well his clothes were all in the tub, her watch and water all over my bathroom.  Just because SHE wanted to give him a bath, it has never been what is best for HIM, but rather what she wants to do.  Oh and she started pulling this stunt of showing up at our house unexpected, she did this three times before the last time I would not let her in and said "this is not a good time, Ben is napping"!

  • Mine use to be really good caring involved grandparent then I don't know what happened.  They would never see my kids if I didn't bring them around.  They never offer to watch them or take them anywhere or come visit them at our house.  Then if we ask them to babysit they act like its the end of the world and we are burdening them with our kids.  But you better believe they watch my neices all the time.  They watch them 2 days a week while we have to send ours to daycare which costs us another mortgage payment practically.

    Then my BIL is getting a divorce and got his new girlfriend pregnant already before he even got his divorce finalized.  My in laws have been so supportive and act like this is the happiest news ever and they act like he has done nothing wrong.  Meanwhile we are trying to build a house and all we get is negative comments from them and they aren't supportive at all.  They want us to wait to build a house.  We have been waiting for 3 years now.  WTF!!

     Sorry I am just so sick of my in laws.  I wish we lived miles and miles away from them so I wouldn't have to deal with them.  Oh and by the way my husbands family owns a family business where all 4 brothers work and so do my in laws!  It sucks!!  Thanks for the vent!

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