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Patience has officially left me- Vent

My check up on Monday I was dilated to almost a 3. Doctor said since it's my second he doubted I would make it a week. Then yesterday morning I lost my mucus plug. Last night had a handful of contractions, so I decided to try to sleep until I couldn't anymore and get as much rest as possible before he made his arrival. Well it's been a whole day and NOTHING. No more contractions to really speak of, and no other signs of progress. Went for a nice long walk this morning, but nothing. I wouldn't be so impatient if it didn't seem SO sure that I was gonna go at any minute yesterday. Oh well... he'll get here when he's ready I guess. I just hope it's soon, I am so excited to meet him. Thanks for listening! Vent over!
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Re: Patience has officially left me- Vent

  • I feel your pain!  Last week I was 3cm, had my bloody show, lost my MP, had contractions on and off lasting for an hour at times and here I am a week later still pregnant!  I'm frusterated to because my doc said the same thing.  Best of luck to you!
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  • hang in there! there seem to be a bunch of us that have lost all patience. i'm in the same boat. not dilated that far, but i'm 100% effaced and having been having random contractions and other signs, but nothing yet. i don't remember feeling like this at the end with ds#1, but i've been pretty feisty this week! here's hoping our LO's arrive soon!
  • Innsame boat here. And this is after I was on bed rest for seven weeks for pre term labor!!!! Seriously????? Just want to sleep until his arrival date and as much as I know people mean well, I don't want to answer anyone else who asks if baby has made it yet. I feel like this baby is already duping me!!!!
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