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Obstetric Cholestasis

Has anyone been diagnosed with cholestasis during pregnancy?  If so, which symptoms did you present with?

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Re: Obstetric Cholestasis

  • I did.  My primary symptom was really, really itchy hands and feet.  I was being treated as high risk anyway since I was pg with twins, have a clotting disorder (Factor V Leiden), and was 35.  I was maybe 29 or 30 wks and had an appt with the MFMs.  The dr was very dismissive at first but said he'd send me down for lab work anyway.  Lo and behold, I was correct in my suspicion - he was shocked since it's a pretty rare condition.  I ended up on a medication called ursodiol for the duration of my pg.  I had no other complications and my LOs suffered no ill effects.  I've heard that some drs will induce you a little early if you have cholestasis but I ended up having to deliver at 33w1d due to pre-e so it was a moot point for me.  

  • I have been diagnosed with cholestasis of pregnancy. I started getting extremely itchy every where on my body about 3 weeks ago. I am currently 35 weeks and on ursodiol. The ursodiol helps a lot with the itchy - but from time to time I get itchy still.  Being itchy on your palms and bottoms of your feet is a good sign you have it - which I was itchy there - but was itchy EVERYWHERE on my body to the point of insanity!!

    My Dr. is saying inducing from 36-37 weeks to prevent the chance of having a stillborn baby.  Very scary stuff - but if you have a Dr. that catches this and diagnosis with treatment right away - you've got a good Dr.!  Some Dr.'s have not heard of it and some Dr.'s don't believe in its seriousness (especially with the still born factor) and that is dangerous.  If you think you have it and your Dr. says no - get a 2nd opinion!   

  • Same situation here... I went from 300mg of Ursodiol to 500mg... hoping that the itching will lessen. I am 33wks they are looking to induce at 37. I go for NST 2x a week and NST with scan of fluid... so far this week was good.
    He is 6.2lbs and they are hoping he will not be a butterball. I do have GD and hyperthyroidism as well so I am a walking mess... but the itching is beyond insaniy! Its like I have something nipping at me all day long. 
    I have TRIED EVERY cream, lotion, soap, bath (you name it)... the only thing working for a few hours is Alphophor <---spl... it is like a vaseline that I apply at night on the spots and wear a t-shirt to bed... the stuff is greasy so there is a mess but it is the only thing that is kinda helping at this time. I'm just glad there is a break in the weather it was over 90 deg for 19 days... and that didn't help either. I go back 8/31 to the High Risk Dr. for another longer scan - I will know if the magic induce date is 37wks... or? 
    Good Luck my itchy firends!  
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