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Diaper Rash/Yeast Infection

My lil guy (22 months) had a nasty yeast infection in his diaper area a few months ago, and we finally got rid of it after months of creams, including prescription yeast infection creams.

 However, every other day or so his little "area" gets extremely red and it seems painful to the touch. We use Desitin, but I dont know what else to do. We change his diaper as often as possible (and the day care does the same).

I think a part of the problem is that he doesn't get bothered by a wet or dirty diaper, so during the night he never wakes up, so he is usually soaked in the morning. He always sleeps the whole night through (7pm-6:30am)

 We've started just lathering him up in Desitin (recommended by the dr), but he's still really red some days. And I dont know if its soley because of this, but he just HATES to have his diaper changed. The minute I lay him down, every time, he throws a fit and "cries" (no tears) and I just feel like the worst mother ever.

Any suggestions?!?!?!

Re: Diaper Rash/Yeast Infection

  • We've always had good luck w/ Boudreaux's Butt Paste.  Also, you could try adding some baking soda to his bath water and letting him soak a bit (it acts to neutralize the acids in the urine/poop and calm the skin).  Have you tried switching diaper/wipe brands?  It could be that he has a mild allergy to the ones you are using.  My DD has super sensitive skin and the Up&Up (Target brand) diapers and unscented wipes worked well for us. 

     Also, I know boys are supposedly later to potty train than girls but have you thought about potty training him?  Just start setting him on it whenever you think he has to go or at "opportune" times (i.e., when he wakes up in the morning or from a nap, about 40 min after drinking etc).  We did that for a while and then just went cold turkey on the diapers (she does still wear a diaper at night, I am not psychologically ready to wake up a bunch of times at night yet).  We switched DD to big girl underwear about two weeks ago and she's done really well.  She has had a few accidents but not often (and always pee thankfully).  You could also try  The author swears it works for any child (boy or girl) 22 mos or older.  good luck. 

  • Try this:



    It is at places like Walgreen's and in with the regular diaper creams. It is less than $5. It is a powder and after you sprinkle it on, your pat a little. I have found that it is good with really wet diapers. Our pedi, who also has three little boys, swears by it.  We went through the yeast rashes. DS was on Nystatin for it.  Not fun!

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  • When DS gets that bad, we use plain yogurt. It works like a charm and looks 90% better by the next diaper change. I buy a large container of it and then take out 1-2 table spoons and put that in a tupperware container. Just a word to the wise, DS FREAKS OUT when its straight from the fridge so we put it in the microwave for 5 seconds just to take the chill off. We too have used the prescriptions and various creams but I have found for a really bad rash, yogurt is the best!
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  • My little girl has battled yeast infections since birth =(

    Our go to medicine as per our Pedi is Lotrimin (usually for athletes foot) one time in the AM and once in the PM and hydrocortisone cream.


    i hope this helps!

  • If it is yeast, have you tried treating it w/ gentian violet?  It will dye his bum purple for a few days but it works amazingly well.  I have used it for me and it ended what was a year long battle with the yeast infection from hell (why my OB didn't suggest it sooner I'll never know).  It's available at the pharmacy w/out a prescription, you just have to ask the pharmacist for it because they keep it behind the counter.  Also, it's really cheap.  Good luck. 
  • image abeer26:

    My little girl has battled yeast infections since birth =(

    Our go to medicine as per our Pedi is Lotrimin (usually for athletes foot) one time in the AM and once in the PM and hydrocortisone cream.


    i hope this helps!

    I highly recommend this. Both creams may be found over the counter and work well and quickly.



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  • We use Desitin as well. Try letting him run around without his diaper on. We let our dd on the side deck without her diaper. It is pretty private also. It helped to dry it out.

    Oh and don't use wipes. We used a wet cloth.


  • As soon as I see any redness, I use some Lotrimin as well, and then use Aquaphor on top of that. It is usually cleared up overnight in our case. GL, I know it must be no fun for your LO.
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  • P has this going on right now, poor thing. Just came about Monday, went to the pedi yesterday and got her some Nystatin today. The pedi suggested feeding her more yogurt. If the Nystatin doesn't help, I will definitely try the Lotrimin.
  • The lotramin works SUPER fast!  Overnight in most non severe cases.  And for a while I was doing it once a week just as preventative.  Now we go to a center daycare where they change her diaper nearly every hour and we have not had to deal with any rash since.  So that could also be a culpriate, not enough diaper changes.
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