1st Trimester

PG with Toddler 12-24?

How tired are you!!?!


OMG I am exhausted! Also, so far SLOWEST pregnancy EVER. I haven't even had first sono yet! BLARGH!

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Re: PG with Toddler 12-24?

  • exhausted!

    I had a hard time sleeping last night bc it was hot in our house.  When I can, I try to squeeze in a 20 minute nap.

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  • I will tell you it does get better. All first trimester, television was our best friend. I was stuck in the bathroom and when I wasn't in there, I was trying to get a nap in whenever possible. This week I am finally starting to feel less M/S and have more energy! Woo hoo! Good luck and hang in there!!
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  • I'm almost to 2nd tri now, and it's getting a little better, but I'm still really tired.  It is hard with a toddler to chase around!  Plus my husband has been out of town the last two weeks and I have cold...blah.  I need a nap.
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  • Exhausted already even though I JUST found out. Last night LO was up on and off till about 2 am - tossing/turning/sitting up/crying. I was so tired and just as I was about to tell DH that it was his turn to take over, she feel asleep and slept like a rock till 7am.

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  • I work 7am to 4pm and then play the mom role for another 4 hours.  I'm pretty tired.
  • Sigh.  I was tired even before this pregnancy. 
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  • I hear you, I work full-time too, however, I am seirously debating going part-time after this baby is born! I am just too tired!!
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  • Some days are okay.  Some days are terrible.  Today is one of them.  I feel awful and cannot wait until nap time.  thankfully a friend came to distract him for two hours, but I sure hope he take s a big nap....  
  • I feel ya! I'm exhausted, AND have insomnia. It takes me ~2 hours to fall asleep each night, then I get up like 5x's a night to pee.

    And I have bad morning sickness. So as much as I"d like this pregnancy to go slowly, as it may be my last & I'm terrified of an infant + 2.5 year old, I really want out of 1st tri. sick & tired of being sick & tired.

    Let's all call the wambulance together & throw ourselves a pity party!! Party!!!

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  • The exhaustion was really bad at first, but it has gotten a lot better! I'm not falling asleep on the couch at 7p.m. anymore Smile Unfortunately, I've been having a tough time sleeping and DD seems to want to wake up earlier for some reason. Oh well, this too shall pass!
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  • I am super tired all the time.  Plus, DD does not like to sleep, so the earliest I can get to bed is 10:30 at night, and then she wakes up between 5 and 6 in the morning!
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  • I work four full days a week and have a 13 month old at home who is learning to RUN.

    I too am tired, but I can't resist pushing myself to play with him when I get home from work. He is just so cute and so interested in learning and doing everything!!! 

    Rest for me starts around 8:30 which is after dinner, and bedtime for my son.

    I antipicate it to get more difficult as my belly grows.

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  • Nothing more than normal here, but I'm only 5 weeks along so that could change. I did nap today with her, but that's mostly because she was up between 2 and 4 this morning playing with her stupid seahorse. I really wanted to go in there and take it from her, but I was afraid then she'd start crying and want me instead!
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  • Beyond. I cannot believe how much energy my 18 month old has. She goes down between 7:30 and 8:00 I am passed out shortly after her.
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  • Way more tired this time around!  Thank god I don't have m/s, I don't know how you ladies dealing with that do it!  I work full time but the days I'm home with DS, I have to nap while he does.  So what if the house isn't spotless and there's laundry to be done...It just ain't happening!
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  • Yep, I've been exhausted even though I just found out. I was wondering what was wrong with me b/c everything seemed more tiring than usual. Can't wait for the first u/s too!

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  • just trying to make it through the first trimester... it has to get better.  it HAS to.
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  • I'm technically pregnant but in limbo right now, but I was pg with a <1 year old when I was pregnant with DS. That was very tiring! I feel okay right now though.
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  • It was hard the first few weeks, but now I am starting to slowly get my energy back. Looking forward to the second trimester.
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  • I was tired before getting pregnant!  I think still breastfeeding doesn't help my energy levels.  But it does get a little easier at the end of first tri!  Well, until third tri anyway.....  I'm just thankful my DS takes a daily nap of at least 1.5 hours, and sleeps through the night.  Still really tired though!  But imagine how bad it will be when the baby arrives!  Eeek, not ready for that sleep deprivation :-)
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  • Really tired and it hasn't gotten better.  I try not to think about it and do as much as I can with DS.  I work full time so I try to spent lots of time with him when I get home.
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