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When to tell work...

Okay, I am really at a dilema.. When do I tell work. I would like to give them enough time as well, as enough time for me to come up with how everything is going to work. I am the only one in the company who does my job, and I tend to stay pretty busy between calls, E-mails, and running reports.... So, I am really trying to be able to come up with something that both the company and myself can benifit from me having a child and being on maternity leave.

 I was thinking that when I told them that I could present a plan, I would continue to take the E-mails and run reports (because I can do that all through my computer at home). I would then only ask for a portion of my salary to be paid through-out my maternity leave, and then have the burden of all of the calls that I take be distibuted throughout the company.

What do you think? and When did/are you tell/ing?


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Re: When to tell work...

  • My work knows already. I'm kind of like you. There is literally no one else at my company that can do my job so I wanted to be able to make them aware of everything early so we can start thinking of a plan for how I can get as much stuff knocked out before the baby comes that I possibly can. (I'm still going to have to work from home while on mat. leave though.)

    Also I do events here and we recently had a 4 day event outside in 100+ degree heat...since they know I'm pregnant, I got out of it, which was awesome. 

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  • I told at 14 weeks last time.  I will probably do about the same this time (maybe a little sooner if I start showing sooner this time).

    However- I am going to a 3 day retreat with all the managers and partners in my firm at 10 weeks.  I may get busted then (even with my excellent fake drinking skills).

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  • I am the only one at my job that does what I do so my Boss already knows but we haven't worked out any plans yet.  I think once I am ready to tell the world, we will work on a plan while I am out.

    I, like both of you, can do a lot of work from home but I just haven't weighed out the options of doing that yet. 

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  • I work for a school based company so my plan is to tell them when we go back to school. I'll be exactly 12 weeks.
  • I haven't decided yet. My first pregnancy I told around 8 wks. after my first sono. If I can make it this time I may wait a bit and tell after first tri. maybe 12 or 13 wks. I am just going to feel it out. I am so bloated I totally already look pregnant!! Also, there is another girl in the office that just announced she is pregnant, so I'm going to give it some time. There are only 12 of us in office, so our CEO is going to freak! :P
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  • I will not be telling until it becomes painfully obvious and people are whispering about why I am so fat. I only started at this job 3 months ago and don't want to be the crazy new girl who gets pg right away. Also, even if I wait until 20 weeks, that still gives them 20 weeks to figure out how to deal, which should be enough time for anything. At my last job I didn't tell until 16 weeks and didn't show until 26; I was just too excited not to say anything.
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