3rd Trimester

Breathless, Body Ache, Pass-Out Feeling

(I hope everyone appreciates my very descriptive subject lines!)  :)

This has been happening to me several times a day for the last few weeks, definitely increasing.  It's not brought on my activity or heat or even standing up...it's totally random and I can't find a correlation with any action.

Is it just because I have massive boobs and a belly that are squishing my lungs to death and am walking around with 40% more blood in me?

Anyone else experiencing this?




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Re: Breathless, Body Ache, Pass-Out Feeling

  • I don't think my symptoms are as frequent as you described, but similar nonetheless. I just attributed it to the increase blood/weight gain/baby pushing on my lungs.. and also the fact I'm slight anemic.. I think one of the symptoms of anemia is the feeling of being weak or that you might pass out... I get dizzy sometimes too when that happens... I'm not very concerned because if it was something serious I'm sure my doctor would've told me :-) If you feel like something just isn't "right", then I would suggest giving your doctor a call.. it never hurts :-) GL
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  • I went through a week or two of feeling short of breath and came close to fainting several times. Turned out to be low iron. After being on a supplement for a few days the dizziness was gone. Might be worth having your doctor do some blood work.
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  • It happened to me a lot and when I talked to my MW, she suggested it might be my blood sugar.  She stressed that I need to keep my blood sugar even by having small meals which combine carbs, protein, fiber, and fat every two hours.  That means no big portions and constant eating.  I've done it for two days and it has really helped this feeling!  She told me that I'll continue to feel like I can't get a full breath because things are crowded in there, but the eating has really helped.  It's a pain in the ass, but it has helped a lot.  Try it!
  • Thank you for your wonderful advice lovies!  I think I will mention it to my doctor when next we meet and I will try the eating more often to work on blood sugar.  DH thinks this might be the case as well. 
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  • yeah I've been feeling the same way lately. I figured it was due to the fact that I've gained 60 pounds- plus the extra blood and all that jazz
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  • I had a similar post a couple weeks ago! I can relate.  Kind of freaks you out.. like, is it the baby? Am I having an anxiety attack? Is something wrong?  I've brought it up to my Dr. several times and her main suggestions are eat more (especially protein) Drink more water and either lay down on my left side when it happens, or get up and walk around to see if that helps.  Laying on my left side did help a bit.  I would just get up from my desk at work and lay on the floor... who cares what people think!
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  • I get this kind of thing too. For me it's usually my blood sugar, or my blood pressure. Both tend to run extreamly low for me (last BP at an appointment was 80/42). I have to be very careful when I stand up, I have to eat regularly, and I have to be very careful not to get dehydrated. Do mention it to your doc, and watch what you are eating when, and drink lots of water.
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