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Soo.. I thought I was 100% set on just doing the csection at 41 weeks (Monday the 8th), My dr has been recommending since 37 weeks that I do it due to babys size. I know, I know..u/s can be off (at 39 weeks he was measuring 9lbs 13 oz and at 37 weeks he was 8lbs 13oz..so it seems on track) BUT I am getting closer to Monday and am DEADLY afraid Im making a bad decision. It might be the "safest" way..so my drs say, but who really knows if he IS just THAT big! What if he comes out weighing 7.5 lbs or something crazy?? Ive delivered an 8lb baby, was in labor only 10 hours, pushed for 12 minutes and had NO tearing at all. [My daughter 3 years ago]! My dr told me that I will NOT dilate, will not efface, and the baby wont drop because he is too huge and this was at my 37 week appt. Well as of my appt on Monday I was 1.5cm, 60%effaced and babys head was still alittle high but definitely lower. My duedate was today, so its not like hes getting any smaller..but I would rather not go through the recovery of a csection if it was NOT needed! But whose to say if Im making the right decision =/

BLAHHHH!!! I hate all of this stress and I know I need to make up my mind because I could go into labor right now and not know what I want to do. All I can say is this SUCKS!


  • Seems like you are wanting to at least TRY a vaginal birth. Go with your instincts, if you think you can do it and baby is okay, ask Dr. if trying vaginal first is an option. I've read on other people's posts where the Dr. let's them try first if there is no conclusive evidence that it will put you or baby in harms way. Good luck either way!!
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  • Why not try going vaginal and if it doesn't work than go c-section? That way you can at least try and you will know for sure that the Dr was right. How big are the estimating anyhow? And just because they est his weight to be X amount, could it be he is just really long? DS weighed almost 8 lbs, but was long and lean because he was over 21 inches long...

    If it were me, I would forego the scheduled surgery and opt for waiting or being induced.

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  • It sounds to me like you really need to have a long conversation with your doctor. Is this the same doctor you had when you delivered your first baby? If yes, did they ever mention something like this before? I know ultrasounds can be off a pound or so either way. Doctors see a lot of babies being born and IMO have an educated guess on what will happen based on your body, your baby's size, where you are based on due date/cervix progression and what they think will probably happen at delivery time. You need to trust your doctor.

    From all my research and reading, it sounds like a scheduled c-section is way easier to recover from then laboring for hours and then forced to have an emergency c-section. This just makes common sense. Your body is exhausted after laboring and you are mentally drained as well. Then to add an operation on top of that, you are just asking for a not so pleasant recovery.

    I can only speak from personal experience, my scheduled c-section recovery was easy. I had no problems. My second one was even easier than my first.

    I think at this point you need to think of the risk of the baby being born healthy. Ultimately, this is all that truely matters. In a couple of months from now, you will not care how the baby was delivered - just how happy and healthy he is :)

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  • FWIW; The college of obstetrics recommends against using c-sections because of larger babies. It's not indicated. Trust your gut!
  • When I was pregnant with my 3rd baby, they told me he weighed 8 lbs.  He actually weighed 10 lbs and I got him out with basically no problems.  My brothers girlfriend had their 1st baby vaginally and he weighed 9 lbs, no tearing, no problems.  Then when she was pregnant the 2nd time the dr told her the baby was to big and she had a c-section.  The 2nd one weighed 9 lbs.

    I personally would go for a vaginal birth and don't rush off to the hospital.  The longer you're there, the more chance for drs and nurses to interfere with nature.


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  • My first was 9 lbs, 4 ounces, the second was 9 pounds, 11 ounces.  My MIL, who is TINY, had DH and he weighed almost 10 pounds as well.  It's not the end of the world.

     Until the day the second LO was born, dilation was 3-4, effacement was approx 60%..she hadn't dropped at all.  At 41 weeks, 1 day, contractions started at 6:00am, and I had LO at 12:47 pm.  I had a bit of tearing, (two stitches), it wasn't really a big deal for me..my hips aching sucked tho. 

    I wish you well. :)   I'd def go with my gut, considering the healing time of a c-section and that you already have a child.

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