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2nd time moms - your body changing faster

I definitly feel more changing in my body this time, and much sooner. I don't remember feeling so much in the pelvic area so soon, whether its strecthing or what. And no time for naps when I get home b/c of DS makes the exhaustion much harder to deal with. 

What have you noticed changing sooner or more noticable?


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Re: 2nd time moms - your body changing faster

  • The stretching is about all I've noticed.  I don't seem to be showing or anything yet though.  I was about 20ish weeks with my first, so we'll see.  I will say I'm really pleased with my boob growth, or lack thereof.  It's like they just filled back out, instead of grew.

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  • Uh, my 3-4 month looking belly! I didn't show first time around until 18/20 weeks. I just had DH take my maternity clothes out of storage as I fear I'll need them soon.

    I feel stuff going on in my ute too - stretching or almost round ligament pain, I'm not sure. I'm getting up at night to go to the bathroom all the time which is super annoying and I'm freaking exhausted. I literally crashed on the couch last night when I got home from work for 20 mins while DH fed DD dinner. Ughhhhh. I had my first OB appt this week and he said "let's talk 2nd pregnancies...they're a lot harder and a lot more exhausting...expect it to last the entire pregnancy." HA - great!

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  • Definitely showing sooner, much worse indigestion, and my m/s was almost nonexistent with DD.  This time it is kicking my ever expanding arse.
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  • I actually feel less stretching this time, I think I'm still stretched out :P I am hugely bloated, though - like baby bump bloated, and I didn't have that at all last time.
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  • I haven't noticed anything different yet but I'm also very early.
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  • i'm huge. and i don't feel any stretching either - like the other poster said, i think i'm all stretched out already!
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  • yeah - the boobs - they've been sore for about 2 weeks now.  Belly wise though - I'm definitely feeling the stretch.  I lost a lot of weight in the last year though - so I'm smaller now than I was at the same time with S.  

    Plus side, though, zero morning sickness.  I'm just super dizzy, tired and SO hungry all the time.   

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  • With my first ( a year ago) my uterus did not reach my pubic bone until 12 weeks. It's about an inch below my belly button now and I'm only 11 weeks. The stretching seems to be the same, but I'm still probably a little stretched from the last.
  • My stomach is flat when I wake up, but as soon as I eat breakfast, I can't hide it... I think I'm mainly just bloating, but when I suck my stomach in, I can't make it as flat as before.   I didn't show until around 18~ weeks with my first.

    Also, I have a solid morning sickness this time around.  I didn't have it with my previous pregnancies.  I can smell everything!  And my breasts are sore...  


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  • Definitely. I recognized the signs like two weeks ago before I even took a HPT.  First sign was this huge stab in my uterus area when I just shifted positions in bed. I had not felt that since my last pregnancy. The other signs were the fatigue and the urinating at night which I do think is very early to start for me.  Today, I had to change to a larger bra size because I just felt tight.   I am happy that DS takes a nap mid-day and I take a nap at the same time too.
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  • I am already wearing my beband and I am only 6 wks. It's terrible bloating and I am feeling the stretching a lot earlier!! I also feel like crap, which is so different from last time. :/
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  • I feel the same way! My son is almost five and now I'm 8 weeks pregnant and I feel like I did when I was 5 months with him. Ughhh... and yes forget about naps!!!!!
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