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Induced but then natural birth???? Is that possible?

I am scheduled to be induced about 39 weeks due to a blood clotting disorder and taking Lovenox injections. In the begining I really didn't have any issues with this but now after my Bradley class last night I am freaking out.

Class last night was all about labor drugs and how you don't need them and how "bad" they are. Ok fine I get it you don't want us to use them. But then my teacher started talking about how when you get an epidural you then usually need pitocin because birth slows down, then you will need fetal monitoring, and an IV, etc. She also made reference that if you have pitocin you will probably need an epidural followed by everything else. My biggest fear is being stuck in bed. I want to be able to move around use the whirlpool if possible and just have a natural birthing experience. Well now it sounds like it is inevitable that I am going to be stuck in bed throughout labor and delivery.

Has anyone been induced before and made it through without additional drugs? Or do you know anyone??

I see my doctor next week and I now have a huge list of questions for him. 

I am feeling so anxious right now.

Re: Induced but then natural birth???? Is that possible?

  • Take a deep breath and remember that birth plans are goals, not unflexible musts.  I have a dear friend who allowed herself to be induced with pitocin because she felt the benefits outweighed the risks in that particular situation.  She then went on to have a beautiful, healthy baby girl with no other drugs.  So yes, med-free births after pitocin are possible :)  And you haven't been induced yet, so remember that you may go into labor naturally before 39 weeks and won't have to worry about anything!

    If you do end up being induced, you will have to give up some other things that you'd like because of the pitocin (ie, no constant fetal monitering, being able to labor in the water, freedom from an IV) but speak with your birth coach about effective labor positions you can do in bed.  And just have the attitude that your plan B (and C and D) can be as wonderful as your plan A if you are willing to prepare yourself.  Good luck!






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  • Is it possible? Yes.  I ended up asking for something to take the edge off,but my experience doesn't have to yours( I had Pre-E).  What is the plan for induction(ie pit, cervadil)? 

    My suggestions are discuss EVERYTHING with your midwife/OB.  Have amazing support.  DH was supportive in helping me deal with pain/contractions,but didn't stand up to the medical staff.  Try to befriend the nurses they're your friend.  Prepare yourself for the unexpected so that in case( I hope it doesn't) you end up delivering differently you're not devastated.

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  • I had a great birth w/an induction.  Here's my story

    I think what really helped me was going in with a good, peaceful attitude.  Don't start your birth from a place of fear.  You can do it!!!

    Also you dont have to be in bed.  I had an IV and constant fetal monitoring and I was able to walk/sway by the bed and bounce on a birthing ball.

  • So this experience is from 23 years ago but I imagine it would be possible today as well: My mom gave birth vaginally without epidurals to all 4 of her children. 3 of us were spontaneous births but my sister needed to be induced, which sometimes is medically necessary so if you want a second opinion, go get it, but don't let an overly enthusiastic natural birth advocate convince it's never necessary.

    Being induced does *not* automatically mean that an epi is necessary and depending on how your body responds to step 1 of intervention, pitocin may not even be necessary. My mom was induced and accepted the demeral that was recommended to her but thinks she probably didn't need it. She used the same lamaze methods she used in the other births and that experience was not more painful than the others.

    So keep up your bradley method preparation, do your practices, be ready to do all the relaxation you can, talk to your doctor about the likelihood of needing an IV and what your position options will be, brainstorm various relaxation techniques with your partner that are flexible in case you do end up needing to stay in bed, and understand that babies can be lovingly brought into this world in several different ways. Good luck! Just because you're signing up for one intervention does not mean you're consenting to all of them - you're still in charge!

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  • The only thing inevitable about labor and delivery is that you'll end up with a baby at the end. Everything else is negotiable Smile

    I was induced with Cervidil and Pitocin. I did not have an epidural. I was not stuck in bed; I was able to move within about a 6-foot radius of the EFM, so I sat up in bed, I sat in a chair, I sat on a birthing ball, etc. My hospital did not have whirlpools or any kind of tub, but my OB did take me off Pitocin and the monitors for a bit in the middle of labor, so that I could labor in the shower. It was a wonderful break.

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  • Thank you all so much - your stories have been very reassuring that it will be possible. I know that I will need to be prepared for whatever will happen, but it is nice to know that being induced doesn't take my labor completely out of my hands. I am feeling much more positive about this and have lots to talk to my doctor about.

     Thank you again :)

  • I was induced with twins and had no other meds.  I did have to be monitored more closely, but I was allowed to get up during labor if I wanted -- I just had to ask my nurse so that she could unhook the monitor for a bit. 

    I didn't take any classes because I knew that with twins, the chances of things going exactly as I wanted/planned was pretty slim, and I didn't want to get my heart set on a specific plan.  I decided the best option for me was to just "wing it" (and I'm VERY type A, so this is not like me) -- it helped me stay more calm because I wasn't attached to some perfect plan.  I couldn't have asked or planned for a better experience (minus the tearing and repair) and I honestly feel I owe some of it to not having any firm expectations of how things should go. 

    Good luck!

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  • yes, i was induced and went natural. baby was measuring small so they induced at 37w5d. not a super fun experience, but possible and VERY empowering. definitely looking forward to hopefully avoiding an induction this time!
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  • My sister just had her daughter. she was given pitocin and still went through without any pain meds. its possible but can be a little more difficult.
  • I was induced with my 5th one and had no drugs after that.  It was awful and the stupid nurse kept asking if I was ready for the epidural.  I pretty much sat in a chair most of the time and tried to just focus on a shadow on the ceiling.  I did get induced with my 6th and 7th and ended up having demerol with those.  I've already informed everyone that I'm not getting induced this time as I'm planning to stay home as long as possible.
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  • After laboring without meds and very little progress for 18 hours i decided that the shower, walking, ball etc was not enough for me. I had an epidural, which my natural birth instructor assured me would mean I would then end up needing pitocin and a host of other medical interventions. In actuality, the epidural relaxed me and my labor sped along. I delivered vaginally, no pitocin, no other interventions. I was calm and peaceful and was able to watch my son delivered via mirror. I loved that birth experience. The nurses later shared with me that this is often the case - pitocin and epi don't neccesarily go together in either direction.
  • I was just induced and delivered on Thursday. I was planning on delivering at a birth center but my water broke at 33 weeks and the birth center sent me to a hospital. The hospital wouldn't let me go past 34 weeks so induction it was a week later. I made sure to tell everyone (and particularly the nurses!) that I was a former birth center patient and that going without an epidural was important to me. I was very lucky to have an incredibly supportive nurse who coached me through the rough spots but I would say if you do get induced you should seriously consider a doula. I was on pitocin so I had to have an IV and also a constant fetal monitor, but I was allowed to get out of bed and walk or sway near the bed and spent a lot of time bouncing on a birth ball. I had to have the monitor adjusted a few times if baby moved but it wasn't a big deal. I was scared of a pitocin induction too but I am proof that it definitely can be done so don't lose hope yet!
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