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More about Cord Blood Donation

For people who may be interested in donating cord blood, we used Lifeforce Cryobanks to donate DS1's cord blood since there is not a bank in my area that accepts donations. My ob/gyn waived the collection fee and all other costs (including sending a courier to pick it up) were covered by them.

All I had to do was fill out the health survey, have my doc sign the forms and mail it to them by 34 weeks. They mailed me a collection kit which we packed in the hospital bag along with instructions, then let them know after the birth when to pick it up. (I believe we may have called them when I went into labor as well-- I can't remember b/c I gave that job to someone else!)

It was easy & free.

ETA: My hospital is not listed in the NMPD link provided in the previous post.

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