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Tell me your induction story

I have GD and am going to be induced a week from today at 39 weeks and 2 days.  I will go in on Monday night for a cervical softening agent overnight and then start the actual induction Tuesday morning.   I'm excited to get the process started, but a little nervous too.  If you were induced with this pregnancy or a prior pregnancy, I would love to hear your story of how it went.  Thanks!


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Re: Tell me your induction story

  • With my first DS I was induced becuase of GD as well. I did not go in at night and get the cervical softening, they just had me show up to the hospital at 6:30am to start things off. The day before the induction I had a regular appt and I was about 1.5 cm dilated. After getting checked in, settled into the room and an IV started they started pitocin around 8:00am. I was monitored and starting having mild contractions pretty much right away (VERY MILD, like basically braxton hicks level). After a few hours (if memory serves about 2 hrs) I had progressed to about 3cm or so and was far enough that my doctor felt comfortable breaking my water. So he did and said "you'll really get moving now and have this baby by 5pm tonight". HA.  After a few more hours and a few more increases on the rounds of pitocin I finanlly had contractions strong enough to ask for my epidural and got that about 1pm. I was only 4 cm. I should also mention that I was a total WIMP and only had about 2 rounds of contractions that were actually painful before I asked for the EPI. I was worried if I waited to long I would miss my chance.

    Couldn't feel a thing from the EPI so I got a cathedar and then they did an internal monitor becuase DS was getting harder to monitor externally. Slowly they kept upping the pitocin and I progressed finally getting to 10 cm about 10:30pm. long boring day but since I had the EPI I didn't have any pain. I was a "good pusher" so they let me keep the meds going strong and I delivered DS at 11:40 after about 30 minutes of pushing.

     I have heard a lot of stories about how hard pitocin makes labor, but due to the EPI I can't say if it really did. It went really smoothly, no issues at all, and I almost wish I could do it again. It was nice to know what day he was coming and to have a deadline. This time I am not diabetic and DS gets to come whenever he feels like it. Good Luck and I hope your induction goes as smoothly as mine did. :D

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  • Thank you! What a wonderful induction story! I hope mine goes that smoothly too!
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  • I was induced due to Pre-E and decreased fetal movement so things were placed on the express lane.  I went in about 330pm the plan was to use cervadil(sp) and then pit. When they checked I was 2-2.5 cm and 25% so plans changed. My membranes were stripped and I was placed on pit right away.  They upped the pit every hour.  Shift changed at 7 and was checked at 730-8 I'd made it to 3. Ob placed me on magnesium sulfate(mag) and stripped my membranes again.  Pit was still being increased hourly I asked for Tylenol.  I was checked again,4 cm, and they broke my water sometime around midnight.  Due to a cath and mag I wasn't able to walk or really move like i wanted to.  About 1am I asked for something to take the edge of and for nausea.  I did this because of horrible back labor and not knowing how long I'd labor. It gave me 45 minutes rest. I went from 4-10 in that length of time.  I pushed maybe 5 times, so 20ish minutes.  I had some tearing but nothing bad.  Baby was born at 324 am...start to finish I labored 12 hrs.  Good luck!
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  • I just had my induction done Sunday night and it went GREAT! It's posted under "Ethan is finally here!" Basically, I was in full-blown labor for only 3 hours and he was out with 3 pushes. Good luck to you, I hope all goes well!
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  • I was just induced at 39w 3d because of GD. My OB went straight for pitocin since I was 2cm and 80%. I went in at 9am, started on pit around 11:45am. Never felt any painful contractions although I could see them on the monitor. Fell asleep for awhile and woke up around 1:30pm. OB said she was going to break my water, which she did an I was 3cm when she did that. From that point (1:45pm) contractions got intense. At 2:45pm, nurse checked me and said I was a 6 but she could stretch me to 8 during a contraction. At this point I freaked and called for an epidural. Finally after getting the epi she checked me and I was already 9cm. About 10 minutes later I was complete and a few pushes later (after trying to NOT push since the Dr. wasn't there) she was out.

    For my blood sugar, they took it with the hospital's monitor and checked it to mine, and since they were about the same they let me use my monitor and check myself every 2 hrs. 

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  • I was induced at 39w1d. I could not have been happier with how everything went :) Checked in the hospital at 6a, Pitocin started at 755a, 255pm - 10cm dilated, 338p -  baby was born. Recovery has been amazing. Good luck!
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