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Formulas..which do you prefer?

I plan to breastfeed our baby..if everything goes well and for a little while at least. However, I am trying to research what formula would be the best..or closest thing to breast milk.

If you use formula..which brand do you use..and why?





Re: Formulas..which do you prefer?

  • Gerber good start gentle. I prefered it because it as te probiotics and no corn syrup. Been good on babys tummy, never ad any problems. Sorry I can type, just my one letter is not working if you can tell wic one lol.
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  • When breastfeeding didnt work out for us (DD had jaundice really bad and we had to supplement) we started with Similac.  We later switched to the Target Up & Up brand since our pedi agreed it was basically the same thing.
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  • With DS1 he preferred Similac Soy.  DS2 preferred Enfamil.  It was interesting how one liked one brand and the other another.  I think Enfamil was to thick for DS1 and Similac is a bit smoother and less foamy/bubbly.

    You just have to see which formula brand baby prefers over the others.   

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  • I had planned on trying to BF for at least the first 6 months however that fell through when we brought our LO home and she stopped wetting and pooping and she was losing weight.  We supplemented at first with Similac.  I was still trying to BF but by 4 weeks my milk never came in and we had to just FF her.  We ended up using Similac sensitive formula which is the orange can because our LO was spitting up terrible from the regular kind.  It has worked great for us ever since.
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  • After EBFing for 5-7 months, we used Good Start with DS1 and DS2. Will do the same with DS3 if all goes well. Pedi recommended that brand.
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  • We used Enfamil with DS and if BF doesn't work out with DS#2 then we will more than likely go back to the Enfamil.
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  • We used Good Start Gentle with DS and we'll use the same with #2.
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  • We started on Gerber GoodStart and LO didn't mind it, but she was super constipated all the time, we switched to Enfamil and had the same problem.  We ended up using Similac (the regular blue kind) and it ended up being quite affordable and most of all, LO wasn't constipated.  Similac uses different types of oil that reduce constipation in clinical trials and personal experience.  I'd recommend it.  It might just depend on your LO.  GL.
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