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I have nothing to wear!

I seriously have 2 dresses that fit! I can't wear maternity shorts/pants/capris anymore because anything restricting makes me swell more, so I'm down to 2 dresses now that fit. I don't want to buy anything else, but I may have to buy a couple of dresses to get me through the next couple of weeks!

You ladies dwindling down on the attire?

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Re: I have nothing to wear!

  • YES!  I have a few things that are still comfy and work appropriate.  Thank goodness my last day of work is Wednesday, otherwise I would be coming to work naked soon.
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  • I have two dresses, one pair of pants, and 3 tops that are maternity now.  I found the other day that one of my pre-pregnancy dresses looks good over my pants as a tunic. lol.


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  • Ooooh yeah! I have one dress that fits. I have 2 others that pretty much fit. And nothing else! My maternity shorts/pants hurt my belly now, even when I fold down the belly band part. I pretty much just lounge around the house in a sports bra and panties and if I HAVE to go somewhere I throw on one of those dresses. I'm not about to buy anything else when labor could happen at any moment!
  • Not down to that little, but I'm definitely reducing my wardrobe every week.  It's hot so I need to wear a tank top every day.  Dresses fit fine but are getting a little short. The capris are only down to a couple pairs that don't hurt my belly from being too tight.
  • Yea I'm kinda freaking out because I'm starting a new job tomorrow, and have literally 1 pair of pants and maybe 4 shirts that fit. I reeeeally don't want to buy anything more since money is tight, but I somehow need to get through the next 3 weeks, 7 days per week, with work attire... no idea what to do. I guess I could stop at Goodwill?
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  • I hear you! And o don't want to but anything else because I feel like it'll be a waste.
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  • Yah I am down to no pants, 2 pairs of capris and sweat shorts. I have like 5 tops left that have been well used in this pregnancy and my maxi dresses make me look like a freakin circus tent so I avoid those. I have resorted to wearing nothing but my underwear and DH's tshirts at home. 3 more weeks....
  • ME!! I am sooo over the clothes that I do have and fit into.  I feel like I wear the same 4 things and I look like crap!  Not to mention that has been so hot here that I just pull my hair back and omit the makeup.  I'm ready to look cute again!  I too refuse to buy more clothes though.  Everyone (including) myself will just have to deal!
  • YES!  I am so annoyed with clothes.  I have fewer and fewer outfits that "fit" and those are even getting too tight that they push on my belly and it is so uncomfortable.  I refuse to wear skirts / dresses because my feet and ankles look so bad that I don't want to hear it from everyone.  I also refuse to buy more clothes.  If I knew he was gonna be late I'd considered buying a few things but for all I know he could be here any day now.  I am just wearing the same few things all the time.  I dare anyone to say anything to me about it.  They'll get a long winded speech about how I just don't have anything and don't want to waste anymore money on clothes. 
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  • I hear ya :( Ever since the baby dropped a couple of weeks--most of my maternity shirts are too short--and the non-maternity ones I'd been able to wear still all along are definitely too short. Boo!
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  • I have one pair of shorts, one pair of capris, and two skirts that I can still wear. I have 4 shirts that I wear regularly, and a couple others that are button down and I don't normally wear b/c I work from home and prefer tee shirts :-) One of the skirts I can wear is actually not maternity, just some cotton REI skirt that still fits. Maybe if you can find something like that, that you can wear after pregnancy (it's my same normal non-preg size) that would work and you wouldn't have to worry about spending money on something you'll only wear for a couple weeks .
  • YES!! I didn't buy much this time around becuase I still had most of the clothes from when I pregnant with DS. Well even though I have gained less weight, I am sticking out a LOT further this time so all of my shirts are either too tight or short or just not fitting anymore. I don't want to buy anything new since I am so close to done, but I feel like I wear the same 2 shirts over and over. Can't wait to be done just to get some clothes back :) LOL
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