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Another pt question...

So Lily is almost 2 now and we have had a potty to sit on and talk about for a while now but she has never gone in it, only imitated me when I go.

So one day she come over and tells me she has to poop, and she keeps going on and on about poop so I asked her if she wanted to sit on the potty and she ran right in there and tried to pull down her pants. I got her undressed and went to put her on the potty and she started yelling no and crying. I told her she didn't have to and put her diaper back on (in the nick of time...). Nothing ever happened again, but now she cries and cries when she goes pee in the tub. It's making bath time stressful instead of fun for us. I try to have her sit on her potty before she gets in the tub, but she never goes. 

I am in no hurry (i still have 4 cases of diapers in the closet from the last target sale), but just wondering if i should be doing something different...

Any advice?

My beautiful redhead Lily Anne (3.5yrs)

Re: Another pt question...

  • I don't think you should do anything different...but if you want to try things you can. We did story time...I put a stool for me to sit on next ot her potty and I would sit and she would read or I would read a book while she went. I started out giving her 1 gummy bear every time she went, and slowly stopped giving them to her. We also would call DH and make a big deal and we made up a song for when she went! GL!
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