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Toddler's TV Obsession!

Anyone else's baby watching way too much TV than you would like? We have a huge computer screen monitor that I usually have her watch some cartoons while I make dinner because my dh gets home later, and now she is obsessed with wanting to go into that room during normal play time. I just say we arent going to watch cartoons...but she is seriously obsessed!! I know she watches them quite a bit at grammys too! :/ Am I alone?
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Re: Toddler's TV Obsession!

  • Nope, both my kids would watch t.v. all day if I let them!
  • Matthew doesn't watch tv as much as he likes to turn the tv off/on. He likes to run around with the remote control & see the colors light up.

    Today was the first time he froze and stared at the screen for a few minutes. He managed to program the remote to record Jake & the Neverland Pirates. The Pirate Band started playing and he was mesmerized. He loved the chubby pirate so much he clapped the whole time.

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  • L loves it in the morning with his sippy of milk. I think he'd watch it more if I let him.
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  • DD loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She could watch it all day if I let her, but I limit it to 2 episodes. One in the morning when I need to drink a cup of coffee and wake up and one when I am making dinner. 
  • DS loves to watch Sesame Street, Veggie Tales, and the cartoon shows they have on PBS. He likes the songs. We only let him watch them in the morning and when I cook dinner at night. 
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  • Tegan would be happy if the TV was on all day, but she's also just as happy if the TV is off all day. I do let her watch a few shows at different points during the day, but I try to give her some TV off playtime for a bit each day. We're out and about a lot, so I'd say she watches roughly an hour of TV a day while playing and has roughly 1-2 hours a day where she plays independently and/or with me without the TV on in the background.
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  • ToraniTorani
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    DS is obsessed too! We got in a bad habit this summer of letting him watch while we all lounged in bed (and so mommy and daddy could squeeze in some extra sleep!).  I go to work in the late morning, and DH was off for the summer, yet DS refused to sleep in past 6:30am.  It go so bad that one of us would put him on the bed between us, and he would immediately start looking for the remote!  I feel like such a bad parent for letting him be mesmorized by MMC and Jack so that I could catch some extra zzz's!  Now that DH is back at work (yes, his stuped school district started July 26th!!!), I don't let him watch at all except when dinner is being fixed, and usually it's something I want to watch that does not interest him at all and he plays with his gagillion toys instead.

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  • I'd say my son is a little obsessed. When I put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Oso he'll stand or sit in front of the tv and watch the entire episode without moving. If I had the tv on all day, he'd watch. I let him watch a couple of episodes in the morning and a couple while I'm making dinner.

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  • DS watches Sprout all day. At least it's educational!
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