3rd Trimester

nervous about working up to delivery..anyone with experience?

I can take time off before delivery, but it will cut into the time I have with the baby after it is born.
How far along into your pregnancy are you working?  I'm nervous about literally working up until the time I go into labor.  What if I go into labor at work?  Or my water breaks at work?  Is this common?  It's kind of stressing me now that i'm getting close to that time.  I'm 33 weeks now. 
If you are a second time mom what were your experiences? 
And if this is your first...what are your plans?

Re: nervous about working up to delivery..anyone with experience?

  • I'm a FTM and I plan to work until I give birth.  I'm not really nervous about going into labor at work.  If my water breaks at work, then great...I wont have to clean it up! (Mr. Janitor?????)  lol.  I would just sit until DH gets there to take me to the hospital.  In my classes I have taken, the midwife said that you will be in labor for an average of 12 hours if not more if it is your first.  I know, I know...there are women who had a baby 10 minutes after their frist contraction, but that's not very likely.  I really wouldn't worry about it.  If you are feeling too tired to work, then I would see if you could cut back hours.  I did that last week and I have felt so much better.  I am working 6-6.5 hours a day and it really has made a difference in how I feel. (DH is getting home cooked dinners again! lol) And I have also heard that only a small percentage of women will have their water break before labor contractions start, so you will probably get a warning before hand.    
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  • I'm sitting at my desk right now and I'm due on Tuesday. I sit on a thick beach towel and have a long sweater handy to tie around my waist if my water breaks. If I'm still pregnant on Monday then I'll be working then too. It's a risk I'm taking because I'd rather save my leave for after my baby's born.
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  • I worked up until my water broke (at work...totally rare and won't happen to most of you, ha!).  Each day when I left I had everything ready for me not to come back and did the same when I'd go for lunch.  I tried to work on one thing at a time as much as possible as to not leave anything hanging and had tons of notes on everything for my co-workers if they had to deal with something in process while I was gone. 

    You can totally do it and it won't be a big deal at all.  Try not to stress about it (easier said then done, right?)

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    I think it is pretty normal to worry about that stuff.  It is pretty rare for your water to break like that in the first place.  I still started bringing pads and a change of pants to work with me just in case and to help ease my mind.  I also have a plan in place with my husband for if I go into labor at work.  Really if you start havign contractions at work you will be just fine... you will have plenty of time to call DH and leave work.  and the chances of your water breaking at work is sooooo slim.  I would not stop working early because of these concerns...

    This is my third and I am working right up to it again... time off with baby is just so much more worth it!

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  • I worked to my due date.  My first was due on a Wednesday, and he was born four days later on Sunday.  My second was born on his due date, which was on a Sunday as well.  So, weekend babies worked out perfectly!

    This one is due on a Saturday, so I'm hoping he follows in his brothers footsteps.  It would be easier for DH too!  Not that it matters anymore, cause I'm a SAHM.  But for convenience of finding someone to watch our two boys. 

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  • I worked up until I gave birth. It was fine. I went into labor in the middle of the night. I will work up till the end again.
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  • I am lurking here but i was in labor at work. I went to work that morning not feeling so hot, went to my weekly check up and told by co-workers I would bring them back lunch. An hour later I called them to tell them I wasn't coming back because I was in labor and progressing quicky. I gave birth at 5;55 pm that afternoon. So yeah I worked until the very end.

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  • I worked till 3 days before my due date with DD1 (teaching kindergarten). Although I felt lousy at the end it kept my mind busy so I didn't just sit and think about labour, etc. I ended up going 8 days overdue anyway and the days not working and just waiting were kind of miserable mentally.
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  • I plan to work until I go into labor. I really don't want to use and of my time off until the baby is here. It's a bit scary but I am sure I have enough time to get to the hospital. (I hope) I work about 20 minutes away.


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  • I'm a FTM and was planning on working as late as piossible, but my stupid short term disability that I get for 6 weeks has a 2 week waiting period before it kicks in.  If I wait until baby is born I somehow only get paid for 4 weeks instead of 6, I don't really understand it, but all the other new mom's in my company have stressed that they all got screwed by not leaving early.  My last day is going to be next Wednesday which is 2 weeks from my due date.  At this point just getting to work feels like a full time job.  I am in a lot of pain and I have at least a 45 minute drive to and from work.  It's all getting to be too much.  I'm glad my Dr. and I both agree that I need to stop working next week.

     With that said, I have told many people in my company (half jokingly) that should my water break I'm not cleaning it and I'm leaving and going to the hospital asap.:)

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  • It's so weird I saw this, because I was just talking to my coworker about this yesterday. She asked me when I was going to take off, and I told her my last day would be the day before I deliver. Her eyes got really huge and she was like...what if you go into labor here. I really hadn't thought about it until that point lol.

    The way I feel about it is labor usually takes a long time, so someone can drive me to the hospital worst case scenario (although my hospital is about 45 minutes away from where I work). But I don't really know how that is any different from me being home and going into labor while DH is at work, because it will take at least that long for him to get off and come get me. I'd much rather keep my mind busy than sit at home and worry about being in the hospital.

  • Also a FTM and 33 wks.  I plan to work up to delivery.  I have some extra sick time I can take if needed but I'd rather carry it into next year.

    I'm not too worried about going into labor at work (more like going into labor during my commute on the bus/subway) especially since the hospital is closer to work than home.  

    At our parenting class the nurse suggested that if you get to the point of really due (40wks) or even overdue and worried about water breaking could wear depends or pads - but she also suggested the "all out gush" is not so likely.

  • im also a FTM and i work as a bartender, I plan on working until about a week before my due date. Although doubtful my water even breaking still think it would be too embarassing to have it break while bartending especially on a day where im working alone!
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  • I am a first time mom as well.  My due date is August 19th and I am at work right now.  My boss continually tries to get me to go on leave, but I do not want to waste my time off now.  I would just be sitting around the house, getting bigger, and stressing myself over labour if I didn't come to work. 
  • With DD I worked until the end--I worked a normal day and then my water  broke about 2 hours later at 6:30 pm.  Had her the next day.  (19 HOURS later)  I was still feeling physically fine and frankly, I would have just been stressed and bored hanging out at home, plus be using annual/sick leave that I'd rather spend with the baby. I plan to also work as long as possible as possible this time...

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  • With DS1 I worked until the day before my scheduled c-section at 39w 2d. I worked at a desk all day so I just had to put my legs up as my feet were starting to get swollen. I didn't have contractions, water didn't break, nothing dramatic happened.

    With DS2 and DS3 I work at home (part-time on a computer) so I don't have to worry about it :)

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  • My last day at work is August 20, but I go back to school full-time on August 29th.  I'm only at school about 15 hours a week, but I plan on going to class up to delivery.  She's due right about midterms, so hopefully I can get them over with before she decides to come out.  I'll have to arrange to take exams early and get as much work done ahead of time as possible.

    As long as the delivery is as uncomplicated as I can reasonably expect, I'm going right back to class as soon as I am physically able.  I'm sure my professors will accomodate me (and you can bet I'll be pushing back with the Title IX advisor behind me if they don't), but I'd rather do as much work as I can when it's assigned and not let it pile up or have to take incompletes and do the work over winter break.  Luckily I'm a design major so a lot of my work can be completed at home and turned in at school or online.

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    Obviously it's not really delicious, like hot chocolate or Coke, but for wine...brilliant.
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  • I plan on working until I go into labor. If I'm past due and/or it gets too hard for me to drive in every day, my boss is cool with me working from home (hooray for Skype!), which I'm doing for three months after my 6 weeks leave is up.

    It's difficult some days because I feel like poo, but I'd feel like poo if I were home, so I may as well be productive and finish up these projects. If everything goes as scheduled all my loose ends will be tied up in the middle of September and as long as I check in weekly via email, I won't be terribly behind and no one will have to pick up my slack. The way I look at it, if I go into labor at work, I'm 5 minutes from the hospital and have an office full of nervous men to drive me over :) 

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  • I worked up until both my LO's where born. With DD I went into labor very early Saturday morning, and had her at 733pm. With DS I worked all day on Monday, and had an induction Tuesday morning.

    The chances of your water actually breaking on it's own are pretty slim according to my dr.


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    I worked while in labor--its fine.  For most people, the early stage is long and you have plenty of time to call your partner and get home.  For me, working until the end was a blessing--it kept my mind off of things.  I was having contractions all day but I convinced myself that they were just cramps.  I took the subway home by myself at 6pm, was in the hospital by 12, and had DD by 1.  
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  • I'm due on Monday and I've worked full time (40+ hrs/week) throughout my pregnancy.  These past two weeks were super busy at work and I was traveling by car as much as 2-3 hours away to do site inspections at various companies.  Like yourself, I don't want to cut into my pitiful 6 weeks of leave any earlier than necessary.  If Monday rolls around and I haven't gone into labor, I'll be showing up to work.  In fact, even if on Monday morning I was having mild contractions, I'd probably go into work anyway until they get stronger. 

    The only thing I've changed about my work routine is that I've been driving my personal vehicle for the past week.  (I usually take public transportation.)  They have to make everybody get off the bus or light rail if there's any kind of "spillage" of bodily fluids be it blood, vomit, etc -- so just as a courtesy to other passengers should my water break, I figured I'll play it safe and not take the bus during this last week or so.

    For first-time moms, the stage of early labor can last hours or even days.  I think only about 10% or so of moms' water breaks prior to labor/contractions starting -- so it's probably not likely that you'll have that happen at work. 

    Unless you are experiencing pre-term labor or your doctor has put you on bedrest, there's no reason you can't continue to work, exercise, and do any other normal life activities. 


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  • Okay this makes me feel a ton better!  Having never been through it, I feel like it's going to be this crazy dramatic moment like in the movies!  LOL!
    Thanks for putting my mind at ease!!!
  • Where I work SEVERAL ladies water has broke. Luckily we are 2 minutes from the hospital so it isn't a real big deal. I think it is more uncommon that people take leave before the baby is here. With FMLA you get at most 12 weeks so if you leave a few weeks before your due date you could still not go into labor until a few weeks after that so I'd feel like I wasted a precious 4 weeks I could have spent with my baby! I possibly have the only doctor that would let me go to the 42 week mark... CAN'T WAIT!!!

  • Just wondering how this works for Teachers because this is my first baby and I would like to work as long as possible so I have the most time with the baby.  But with Teachers we need  to have a substitute lined up to take over the class. So our school required us to decide our last day well before hand so they can line up a sub that wants to work full time for several weeks...
  • I'm in the same boat (high school teacher). I'm due on a Monday but know that many first-time moms are late delivering. I don't want to waste my leave if the baby's not here. I'm considering starting my leave on the following Monday (a week after I'm due) and just leaving daily sub plans on the desk for the entire week before. I may not need them, but that way, if I don't come back, there will be something for the interim substitute(s) to use before my long-term sub steps in.

    This is just an idea...I'm still planning on asking around!

  • I worked up until I delivered with DD, but I had a scheduled c/s so it made it a little easier for me to know when baby was coming. However, regardless, I had planned to work right up until delivery just because I wanted the time spent after baby (I only got 8 weeks off). GL to you!
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