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I'm crazy, right?

All of a sudden (well for the past week or two) every time I see a pregnant woman I feel jealous.  It's totally a gut reaction, and nothing based in any logic.  It's how I felt before I got pregnant the first time (when we were just talking about it, and I was starting to feel ready), only then I really did want to get pregnant.  WTH is going on now!?!?

We never planned on E being an only child, but I have always said I don't want 2 kids in diapers.  Even if I didn't have an IUD in (which I do!) I don't think I could even get pg yet (still no AF, ty bfing!)  So what is going on in my stupid brain?

Seriously, our plan is to wait until spring of 2013 to try for #2.

I don't even think I want another baby right now, I think I just want to be pregnant again.  You'd think I could remember all the aches, and pains, and not being able to be comfortable.  Is this happening to anyone else?!?!

Re: I'm crazy, right?

  • I felt that way for a while but now that Makenzie is getting older and I am starting to get back to feeling more like myself, I for sure don't want to be pregnant for a couple years.  I also know in a couple years I am going to be longing to be pregnant again.

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  • Yep! I am so getting baby fever!

    Part of me is saying I completely have my hands full with 2 under 2, and cannot even imagine having 3 under 3, but the other part of me is getting baby fever lol

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  • I feel the same way sometimes. We are going to try one more time, so I hope to be pregnant once more...after that I am so not looking forward to how I will view pregnant women.
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  • blah you couldn't pay me to be pregnant again right now!! We are going to wait a while mostly so I can sike myself up for it again.
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  • Nope, not crazy...I feel the same way!  I had a fantastic pregnancy and delivery, and I loved almost every minute of it!  Unfortunately for me, one of my coworkers who is my age is pregnant, due in January.  So basically I spend each workday secretly jealous of her!!!  In all honesty, we're "gambling" right now (if you know what I mean)...we're both older, and knew that if we did want #2 (I definitely do), it would have to be sooner rather than later.  So we'll see what happens!!!  We're both fine if LO is an only child, but I really want to be pregnant again!!!

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  • One of my coworkers is due in January, and she's finding out what she's having in 2 weeks. I loved being pregnant. I'm not ready for #2 yet at all. A friend and I were talking the other day and she said that she hated being pregnant, but didn't mind giving birth because she had 2 easy labor/deliveries. I told her that I would be pregnant again, but I'm not a fan of labor/delivery. 

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  • Not crazy at all. I had a lot of complications but I still want to be pregnant again.
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