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If your water broke the first time, step on in.

What caused your water to break? With DD the OB said DD probably broke my water by rubbing the wrong way.. Or her head put too much pressure (I had slight cervix issues too) since when I was checked at tthe hospital most of my membranes were in tact which he then stripped (Edit: I mean my oob stripped the rrest of mmy membranes at the hospital before my epi.. not in the office or anything so I didnt have a stripping to help boost it)

Anyway all the super low movement I feel (pokes, rubs, scratches) are just making me nervous.. I dont know what to expect.

My grandmothers water broke with all three of her kids. She had really fast labors as well her son she barely got to the hospital and the nurse delivered him (That im not worried about though because I didnt contract till I was given pit)

Guess what Im asking is did your OBs say anything about an increased chance of it breaking again as a sign of labor? And if 2+ did yours break for the second and first?

Re: If your water broke the first time, step on in.

  • my dr hasn't said anything, but i haven't asked either.  i had my membranes stripped on a friday morning and my water broke on a monday night, so i don't think it had anything to do with it.  i also didn't have contractions without pit.  so far, i've had super low sharp painful movements with both.
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  • my water broke my first time and i had a fast labor but i don't know what caused it at all.  I was only in labor 6 hours from the time my water broke til i had DD and they are expecting me to go just as fast or faster this time too!  I'm a little nervous as to going faster!
  • My OB said that while less than 10% of labors begin with water breaking... In her experience if the Mom's water broke to start labor with her first, it was more likely to happen in subsequent pregnancies... So definitely not factual statistics, just going by her experience... But she's also 74 and has been practicing for 40+ years so...

    My water broke (I heard a POP and it freaking gushed like a movie) at 38 weeks 6 days. My cervix was unfavorable at my appointment a few days before and I was also only a fingertip dilated. It took me 22 hours and then a c/s... So I'm not worried about it going too fast ; ). I'm hoping for a VBAC, but were in a "wait and see" plan... I just have a feeling my water is going to break again...

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  • I kinda want my water to break without contractions again.  even if it means pitocin. it will give my mom time to get here.  haha.  priorities.
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  • OB hasn't said anything but then again I haven't asked.  My OB broke my water when in labour first time around.  Second time around my water broke on its own and had to be induced four hours later.  We'll see this time but I think they're just all different deliveries like they are different pregnancies.
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  • image TheFannins729:
    I kinda want my water to break without contractions again.  even if it means pitocin. it will give my mom time to get here.  haha.  priorities.
    Im wanting it to break again because honestly I wouldnt know what to do or even when or if Im in labor otherwise... Even given the pit I only suffered two hours of contractions before an epi and Im pretty sure Ive blocked what contractions really feel like! Also thanks for the info Traycee! I dont think theres any real statistics on it but from an experienced OB point of view helps too.
  • My water broke at 39w6d by means of a slow trickle.  No pop or gush... my membranes had been stripped at 39w4d so I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it.  I wondered then and still wonder what really made/makes it break... haha.  I have no idea.  I didn't even have any contractions when it broke and I was able to finish a movie, shower and take my time getting out the door, drive to the hospital and be there for about an hour before I even felt any promising contractions at all.

    After the contractions started though they were in full force and I was dilated to 7-8 before my epidural could even get there.

    I liked my water breaking because atleast I knew.  I was always afraid I'd end up in L&D numerous times with false labor or wait too long and be in horrific pain, crowning by the time I got there.  Atleast when your water breaks you know they wont send you home.

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  • My water has never broke! With my first son it dripped and I went to the hospital where things moved VERY fast. I got there at 6am and had him at 6:55am.

    My 2nd and 3rd go around, the OB broke my water at the hospital and I was only waiting around about 45 minutes with each before they were born. My labors have been pretty quick. I did wait A LOT at home with my 3rd son. I started losing my mucus plug about a week and a half before delivering him and I spent 2 days with really tough contractions and laboring at home before heading to the hospital.

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  • My water broke with DS when I woke up and rolled over in bed. My OB said it was probably a combo of hormones and movement. With DD, my water broke while I was at the hospital, scheduled for induction the next morning, but I started contracting on my own that night. I'm a little curious to see how this one goes, and I'm hoping my water won't break at home, because I don't want one more mess to clean up around here! ;-)
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