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I'm bored... BF clicky poll!

If you started out BF, are you still?
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Re: I'm bored... BF clicky poll!

  • We started EBF, and had to supplement around 8 weeks (low supply, cluster feeding, angry baby...exhausted mama!)

    When I went back to work at 12 weeks, the evening feedings just started to get harder and harder, and I started to pump more than BF. About 4 weeks ago, I dropped our only nursing session (whenever he would wake up at night).

    I officially EP plus formula. I would say we're about 60% BM/40% formula. I keep saying I'll give up the pump if we ever dip below 50/50. Although I hate pumping with a passion, I still keep doin' it. =)

    ETA: I picked "SS"

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  • Hi ladies, it's been a while!!  (Eve looks way different from the pic in my siggy now!)

    I still EBF at home (other than solids), but I stopped being able to keep up with her while pumping months ago (the pump just isn't the same as a baby), so I pump at work, but while she's at daycare she gets about 1/2 breastmilk 1/2 formula.  This is a secret from my MIL though :).

  • I voted SS because we started BFing and I wanted to stay BFing but LO developed a milk protein allergy and I had to switch to Alimentum. 

    I tried going dairy/soy free with my diet, but it didn't fully resolve the problem - so we switched and he is doing so much better. I wish we could still be BFing though, I miss it :(   

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  • Jericho will be 7mo in three days and we are still 100% BFing. Sometimes I wish we weren't, but now he won't even take a bottle so I don't think I could stop even if I really wanted to.
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  • Does H20 count as supplementing? I work full time and pump but sometimes T gives her H2o because it's so hot.
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  • I might have answered "SS" if DS was getting water, which they are supposed to maybe have some of now that we're doing solids. But we just don't really give it to him...I hope there's nothing wrong with that, either. Other than that it is 100% BM. In his first week of life he had about 1 oz of formula once...but that is the only time he has had formula. I hope he'll take to it if we ever do need to give it to him in the future, though we plan on BFing enough such that he would never need it.

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  • I EBFed DS until 6 months and then weaned (quicker than I wanted to) because he was having a lot of stomach issues. He's on Alimentum now. I still miss nursing him, but i know this is best for him.
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  • We're still 100% EBF (except for solids, of course).  I'm so happy I stuck through it, especially through the rough times when all I wanted was sleep and someone else to take over feeding duties.  It has been tough at times, but such a rewarding experience.  I'm really proud of this accomplishment.
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  • I voted SS too. We do one short nursing session a day, the rest of the time I pump because she is just too hard on my nips - so I basically EP.

    We also now supplement with formula because I'm not producing enough for a full day's intake. She gets ~28ozs a day and about 12 of those are from formula.

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  • Proud to still be 100% BF (other than solids and water). It;s been quite a journey, but I'm so glad we've made it this far!
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  • image utlawgirl:
    Proud to still be 100% BF (other than solids and water). It;s been quite a journey, but I'm so glad we've made it this far!

    us too.

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