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Beach - To Take or Not To Take?

So my parents are staying at the beach for a few days and they want us to bring the little one to visit for a day.  I am so not excited about it.  I feel like there is way too much to pack, am worried that my 7 mo old daughter will try to eat the sand, and am super worried about sunburn.  Have you taken your little one to the beach yet?  Would you recommend or not recommend it?  Thanks.
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Re: Beach - To Take or Not To Take?

  • We've gone to the beach a few times now.  Bring an umbrella, blanket, sunblock, wash cloth(in a ziplock) to wash her face off, wipes, swim diaper(extra one just in case), hat, cooler with food/formula, water.  We love the beach and DS LOVED the beach.  He loved sitting on the edge and let the water come up to his toes, digging his feet in the sand and going out in the water.  I would def recommend.
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  • Yes! We go every weekend! I agree it is a lot of stuff to lug in and out of the car, but it is sooo worth it. Both of my sons LOVE it! :)

    we bring an umbrella and a mini tent for LO to nap in. Sometimes we bring the pack n play if we are spending the entire day. We bring a large blanket and LO's bumbo.

    obvious must haves: sunscreen, towel, bathing suit, swim diaper.

    Hope you have a great time! :) 

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  • We've taken DS to the beach about 5 times this summer. He loves it! I put SPF 60 on him before we go and dress him in a regular diaper and clothes. When we get to the beach, I change him into a little swimmer diaper and bathing suit (we have an SUV so I change him in the back). 

    We don't use an umbrella, because we have the sunbuster tent from LL bean (which I highly recommend, great if you will be nursing your LO at the beach). We just put a sheet in there and he can crawl around, we play with him in it. And then we take him in the water (which he loves) and sometimes we just stand in the wet sand and he loves that too. We just don't put him right down in the sand, and give him a sheet to roam on (full size). We have a bucket that we fill with beach water and he splashes his hands in. It can be a lot of work, but DS loves it so much that we love bringing him.  

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  • We havn't gone yet. But most of the reason is because the water is just to cold. I would definitly go and spend time with yoru family. I know Jay would try to eat the sand, only because he grabbed a hand full of formula today and tried to eat that. yuck.

  • we've been to the beach many times, you only need a hat and shirt (preferably with spf in them), lots of sunscreen and a bottle of water to wash LO if there aren't showers available at the beach, also some fresh water to drink  and some sort of shade

    a little pool for the baby might be useful (DS likes to splash in the water but after a while he gets tired of the waves and being held so he goes into his pool), also a few toys

    DS has eaten sand a couple of times and it hasn't caused any problem, he just has a liquid poop diaper afterwards

    anyhow, I say you go and enjoy the beach because I'm sure LO will

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  • We ended up going and she loved going in the water, staring at all the people, splashing water in a bucket, and eating her sand toys!  It took me about half a  day to figure out what to pack and how to pack but in the end it wasn't too bad and I packed really well, so there wasn't too much to lug around.  And best of all no sunburn!  Oh, and of course she tried to eat the sand and got a little upset when I wouldn't let her but cheered up very quickly.  Thanks for all of the tips!
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