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If I put him down awake and he still wakes all night long....

Now what?

LO had a strong nurse to sleep association. From 0 - 7 months I nursed him until he was asleep then put him down with no problem, but he would then wake every 2-3 hours all night.

Pedi and every book out there says MUST PUT BABY DOWN AWAKE in order for them to not keep waking up all night.

Well, we went through 3 weeks of NCSS and I can now put LO in his crib awake after our routine and he may fuss for 30 seconds  2 minutes but then will lay down himself and go to sleep.

But he still wakes every 2-3 hours!

I thought that was the key? The solution?

Any tips? I am so confused.

We use a white noise machine, have black out curtains, a bedtime routine, temp is perfect, naps are better than they used to be, he eats well all!

Re: If I put him down awake and he still wakes all night long....

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    My DD has been putting her self to sleep for over 2 months and still wakes through the night... 
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  • Sorry, I don't have any advice.  Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.  
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  • Just don't go in.

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  • Is he nursing each time? I had the two hour night wakings and I am hoping we found a solution. We changed his nipples for bottles to medium and he has slept longer the last couple nights. We increased each bottle an ounce too. He doesn't go down fully awake but can sleep 6-7 hours before waking. On the days I only nurse we will see how it goes but I nurse on demand and he will eat every couple hours. Seems my solutions all revolve around food and not how he goes down.
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