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*~*Thankful Thursday*~*



What are you thankful for today? 

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Re: *~*Thankful Thursday*~*

  • I'm thankful that DH woke up with the dog this morning so I could sleep in an extra 15 minutes.  Those 15 minutes were amazing!

    I'm also thankful that tomorrow is my last day of work before going on vacation for a week!  It also is the 'lessons learned' wrap up day for a huge project I have been working on at work.  I never needed a vacation as much as I do after this project!  Overtime and over budget is no fun. Sad

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  • Oooh, I like this post idea!  I am thankful that my DH, our baby and I are all healthy!





  • I am very thankful that I get to hear James' heartbeat at my doctor's appointment today!! I am also very thankful that my husband got a great job as a Special Education teacher! He will make more than a regular teacher and should be able to get 90% of his student loans paid off!!!
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  • I am so thankful for my best friend. I have having a terrible morning and she always makes me feel better. :)
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  • I am Thankful for my DH and my two SS. They made me a cake and bought me a few cute little presents so we could celebrate my birthday early together as a family :)
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  • I'm SO thankful that today I am officially (about) half way to being a mother and having my baby in my arms. I am so blessed!

    I'm thankful that my husband is working his a$$ off 14 hrs/day 7 days/wk right now which will enable us to save enough money to cover medical bills, the unpaid portion of my maternity leave, and hopefully enable to us to be 100% DEBT FREE by spring. He's amazing!

    Oh, and so thankful for this! Yummy...


  • I'm thankful that everything went good at our a/s yesterday and our son is looking perfect....I'm also thankful that DH is off tomorrow so we can go wrap up our daycare situation and spend some quiet time together.

  • After my visit with the pediatric cardiologist, I'm thankful for my mother. I don't know how she went through it-- her and my father who were married for 10 years at that time split, I was diagnosed with a heart condition at 3 weeks and she had to monitor my heart rate and medicate me daily while working, taking care of my older sister and going through a divorce.
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  • Thankful that our a/s this past Tues was PERFECT and that we will have a son. :)
  • I love this!

    I am thankful that tomorrow morning is our a/s.  When we made the appt it seemed like so far away!  I can't wait to hear that everything is healthy (I'm such a worrier) and find out the sex!

    I am also thankful that we are going on a small vacay next week to the lake.  Some nice quiet time is definitely needed.


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  • I am thankful for my new dentist. I spent 4 years and lots of money with a dentist who just recently lost his liscense to practice. At the time I thought he was great but now, later I have lots of work that has to be redone thanks to his greedy, selfish ways.

    I switched dentists in December 2010 and I love my new dentist and staff. I had my teeth cleaned today and the hygienist spent more time with me than any other hygienist ever has. She did a wonderful job and my teeth feel amazing! 


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  • I am thankful that after having such a difficult time conceiving and many miscarriages, my best friend made it through her pg and is having her baby girl today!!  I am thankful that my SIL made it through her pg and is also having their baby boy today :) Today is a very very good day and i'm thankful for that!! I am also thankful to FI who is working so hard to make sure we're ok financially and can get all we need for our son :)  Also that our son is healthy and so are FI and I.
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  • I am thankful for my awesome girls, my husband who does soooo much of the stuff I would normally do since I have been sick with this pregnancy, and our little boy :)

    ...and a vacation day tomorrow to catch up on everything from housework to sleep.


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  • Great post! 

    My Grateful List:

    1. A husband that works hard to provide for our little family.  

    2. My husband, baby and myself are healthy.

    3. That we have good stable jobs. 

    and much much more!  


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  • I am thankful that I have a job...and that I actually like it
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  • I am thankful that DH is such a hard worker, that my girls are such sweethearts, and that we are finally getting a boy!
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  • I am thankful that I trusted my gut and stuck with my "unmarriable" guy. We have a rock-solid relationship, and having been together 10 years and through some very tough spots, we are truly committed--and married!!

    I also can't get over how lucky I am to have a job that I love that I am good at. I have been in awe of that fact for 4 years now.

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  • -My amazing husband Scott, who works hard and wants me to be a SAHW
    - I obtained my business license today, one more step forward in becoming a photographer!
    -That even though I still get morning sickness, its very rare and it isn't every day!
    -That I can feel my little Midget moving around, and next week I may find out if baby is a He-Midget or a She-Midget!

  • thankful that I am loved by my parents and will soon be able to give that same wonderful love to my own child :)
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  • I'm thankful for the healthy, active baby boy growing inside me, for my extremely patient and loving DH, and for my amazing family and friends!
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  • I am thankful for the honest responses I got to a vent about DH earlier. It did help me put things in perspective and remind me that DS going down for a later nap is not the end of the world.

    I am thankful for DS every day when he runs up to me and gives me some hugs and snuggles.

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