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What will the grandparents be called?

What will your LO call your parents and ILs (or SO's parents)?


My DD wasn't the first on either side, so my parents were already Grandmommy and Popple.  My ILs asked to be called Grandma and Granddad. I was a little disappointed since my sister and I called our grandparent's Who-Who and Dadaddy on my Mom's side and Grandma and Big Daddy on my Dad's side.

BUT DD calls the ILs Nanma and Nandad, so at least she got a little creativity in there. 


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Re: What will the grandparents be called?

  • I totally never knew this was a thing until I came to TB.  I've always called both sets of my grandparents gramda/grandpa lastname.  For DS we call them grandma/grandpa firstname.

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  • My mom will be Grammy and my dad will be Papa.

    LO's fathers parents I have no clue.

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  • My in-laws are Grandmom and Papa

    My parents are Grammy and... Old Fart- yes that is what my dad wanted to be called and all 4 Grandkids call him that- Nolan asks for his "farts" all the time! :)

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  • I clicked on this board by accident but I thought I would tell you my experience.

    My mom wanted to be called "Grammy" and my dad wanted to be called "PJ" (long story).  Well, my daughter who is 2 calls them "Gramma and Papa".  You can't plan this stuff IMO.  Just let the baby name them :).  

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  • Were nor really into the creative grandparent names. On my side its just my mom. My dad passed away awhile ago. Even when he was here my parents were just grandma and grandpa to the other grandkids. So my mom will be just grandma. On DH side its just his dad. His mom died when he was little. His dad is known as just grandpa to SILs kids and that's what ours call him.
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  • gin78gin78
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    My mother is totally stressed about this.  We have two grandmas and three grandpas between DH and I.  We call them Grandma First Name or Grandpa First Name, but when the JJ is old enough to come up with a name on his own, I will be thrilled.  On my side, the kids end up being pretty creative with grandparent names. I'm hoping JJ gets this trait.  I'm tired of hearing about it.  Sorry, did this turn into a mini-vent?
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  • My ILs just want to be called grandma and grandpa. My mother wants to be called "Nanny". I don't love the "nanny" name, but whatever she wants I guess.
  • My parents are Nana & Pop Pop and my grandparents are Grammy & Pappy.

    MIL was tossing around a few ideas: Baba, Mom Mom, Babushka, Oma.....she said she'd let me know. DH said if she "picks" something dumb she is going to be called Grandma Crazy and that will be the end of it. I on the other hand hope she picks something and then the baby changes it when she starts talking herself, we shall see. 

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  • Both my parents were only 44 when my 1st child was born 15 years ago.  They felt they were "young" grandparents and struggled with what to be called.  So my mom decided on Nana, and my dad went with Grandfather.  I had to roll my eyes at my dad because the way he pronounced it was in a distinguished manner, lol.  My mom sadly passed away a few years ago, so this LO won't be able to meet her.
  • My mom and dad are Nana and Poppy. My ILs are Grammy and PawPaw.

    I agree that in general your kid will decide what to call them. In my case, there are already grandkids on both sides, so their names have already pretty much been established by the oldest ones. I'm assuming my kid will just follow her older cousins on this one. We'll see.

  • My mom wants to go by the Swedish name for grandmother, Mormor (pronounced kind of like moomoo--its been anglicized big time).  That's what she called her grandmother, who was from Sweden, and that's what her sister's grandkids call her sister.  My dad--I don't know.  I'm gunning for Pappy.  No clue with the ILs.
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  • We'll probably do the same as my siblings' children for my family and the same as what DSS refers to on DH's side. My parents are Mama and Papa (pronounced maw-maw and paw-paw). My MIL and her husband are Grandma and Grandpa. My FIL is Pa (pronounced paw).
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  • DH's niece and nephew call his parents Poppy and Tanner Grandma (Tanner is the name of their dog, it's how they distinguish one grandma from the other) so I assume our girl will follow suit over there. (hopefully dropping the dog's name from the title)

    I called my grandmother, my mom's mom, Nanny. And she doesn't want to be called that, so she asked to be called Nana. I'm fine with that. My step dad would like to be called Poppy as well, but we don't have any other speaking children on my side, so I'm hoping that evolves to Papa instead, to avoid confusion.

    My Dad said he wants LO to decide what to call him, and as long "as it's not 'sh*thead' he's fine with it." My step-mom's nieces and nephews call her LaLa (an iteration of her name) so I'm betting that sticks.

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  • My mom will be called Nanny B (her name is Betty Ann) or just B and my dad will be called Papa (unless our LO dubs him something else!).

     My DH's parents will be called Grandma and Bubba. (Bubba came from my niece - and I absolutely love it! haha)

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  • For my parents..they will be called Nana and Papa. And for my Hubby's mom, it will probably be Grandma. 

    I always liked Grammie...that is what I called my Grandma growing up.  She issuch a kind hearted, humble woman.

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  • My parents will be Nana and Grumps (he picked it. and hes not grumpy at all- its mildly amusing)

    Hs mom will be Mamere. Not sure what his dad wants to be called yet :)

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  • My parents have always been Grandma and Papa (I have a 13 yo niece), but when my oldest came along she could say Papa, but no part of Grandma. My mom started off as GaGa. Now, as her speech delay has gotten progressively better her attempt to say Grandma is MeMaw.

    My parents ran with it and think its cute. The ILs get called the same thing since I'm not about to force her to learn a whole new motor plan for people she sees, at most, twice a year.

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    My mom will be Grandma as she already is to my sister's kids.

    My dad passed away 4 years ago. :(

    Our baby is the first on the IL's side. MIL will be Marmar since her name is Maryam, but I am a little concerned that our baby will confuse Marmar and Mama ( me), but we will see.

    FIL lives out of state so there will be little interaction, and I don't know what he wants to be called.

    Step FIL hasn't said what he wants to be called yet. He doesn't have any kids of his own, so I don't know what he will want.


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  • Because my niece has so many grandparents, mine already have names! my mom is nani my grandma is GIGI and im not sure what his side will be yet!
  • My parents: Oma and Papa

    DH's parents: Grandma and Grandpa

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  • My mother is called Mimi.  My IL's are called Gma and Grandpa.  I left it up to them.
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  • My mom will be grandma, my dad passed away.  He will still be grandpa.  MIL will be Grammy, FIL; well, I would love to get my son to look at him and say "ash-hole", a-la-meet the parents.  For a lot of reasons.Cool
  • My mother and father are already "Gree" and "Pop Pop" from my brothers kids... but my ILs just got their first grandbaby two weeks ago, and will have their second when our LO is born so we'll see.

    My FIL wants to be "Papou" which is a Greek term for Grandpa, but we'll see how well that goes when the kiddoes try to pronounce it! :-)

  • I've always wanted my lil one to have a Grandma and Grandpa just like I did, but my dad and his wife wanna go by Pepaw and Yaya, and my mom is married to a man I can't stand (neither can anyone else in the family) So they will go by Grandma and Gary it looks like... Both DH's parents died when he was younger, I met his dad a couple times before then and I think he would've liked to be called Grandpa, so that's what we'll call him in pictures.

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  • I'm not into names other than the traditional grandma and grandpa.  DD calles my parents grandma and grandpa but DH's parents insist on being called Nana and Papa.  I find it could be because they irritate me more than the names.
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  • The oldest grandchild on DH's side is 21, so MIL was already Grandma and FIL (who passed away years ago) is still referred to as Grandpa.  My parents had decided on Grammy and Pappy, but DS wouldn't call my mom Grammy.  He preferred Nana. 

    What's interesting is that I have always called my grandmother on my dad's side Gram, but the younger cousins (I'm the oldest) started calling her Grammy and then my cousin's kids started calling her Nana.  She has lots of names.  :)  DS calls her Gram.

  • dh's parents are going to be called nana and pop and my mom is going to be called nonna

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  • My niece already calls my Mom and my Step-Dad Grandma and Papa, so I'm guessing that's what my LO will call them- although I'd prefer Grandpa over Papa.  To me Papa sounds like something to call your Dad.  I don't know about my in-laws... I'll probably revert to Grandma and Grandpa, but there may be an Irish term I'm unfamiliar with that they'd rather be called.

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  • My parents already picked out Nonny and Poppy, back when my nephew was born. MIL will be Lulu and and FIL will be Bobo. But FIL has mentioned Faux Pa(s), and he might just go through with it.....

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  • My mom is Grammy and my dad is Pop Pop.  My MIL is either grandma or abuela and before my FIL passed away he was grandpa.
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