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Hi girls!

soooooooooo, tomorrow is my blood test for second round of IVF. after being pregnant in 2010 with twins but went into preterm and delived 23w 4d, only to have my babies fight for their lives in the NICU, but their lungs werent' develops .RIP my angels.

so I had 1 okay embie last round of IVF, didnt take.  Just had 2 PERFECT embies, so they tell me, transfered 12 days ago.  Stupid me took a pee test this morning and it came up negative.  Blood test tomorrow.  How many of you have felt like *** , had a  neg test, but then a postive blood test??? I am freaking out just about now. B/c last time when I was prego I took the pee test around the same time and it came up positive right away. This time NOT :(

they always say blood test is better, but I just dont get it!!!!!


I am running out of hope.  I do have 8 embies that we were able to freeze but how much longer do I want to go thru this ***??


thx for listening.


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    First of all, I am very sorry for your loss.

    Getting a negative HPT followed by a positive blood test is possible at your stage, but unlikely. My RE's office does 2 blood tests whether the first one is positive or not. Apparently, it is possible for the 1st blood test to be negative and the 2nd to be positive, but again, it's unlikely.

    Was it a 3 or a 5 day transfer? If it was a 3 day transfer, then the liklihood of a negative would be about the same as someone who is 15dpo, if it was a 5dt then it would be about the same as someone who is 17dpo. I hope that you get unexpected happy news after your blood test :)

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  • thank you very much.


    It was a 5 day transfer. as was the last round I did. but this time they said the embies were the highest grade.. idn.. how far off can hpt actually be? this is so frustrating.  i've been going through this for a while.   I hope to be happy tomorrow after the result as well.

    thx so much for replying.  I hope your experiences are better than mine .

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  • idk I think its possible.. I didnt get a +HPT until 13dpo then had my beta at 14dpo and it was 34. Every HPT before that was negative. I did a 3dt.

    EDIT -- Im sorry I didnt add up that you were 17DPO. I hope you get great news at your beta! Fingers crossed!

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